Self-Healing Power Within-What the Unhealed Healer can’t Grasp

As the Light of the Holy Spirit is your healing power, He uses the body constantly for communication purposes, and we must understand the body’s connection with self-healing.  No one has healing power of his own, and anyone who considers himself “a healer” doesn’t understand this—is an unhealed healer.

A Course in Miracles states, “Every healer who searches fantasies for truth must be unhealed, because he does not know where to look for truth, and therefore does not have the answer to the problem of healing.”

In order that the fragmenting aspect of the mind that believes in separateness, called the ego, can be healed, we must have the ability—the availability—to heal.  The Holy Spirit’s role in the world works through this innate ability that we all have.


A Course in Miracles also says, “Remember that you choose the guide for helping, and the wrong choice will not help.” 


The Holy Spirit doesn’t recognize anything else where the ego is concerned, only healing of the split-mind.  He has nothing to do with the ego’s confusion over mind and body.

Remember, because of humanity’s decision to fantasize of a separate mind from God, the ego and the Holy Spirit are within us, except one is real and the other is the illusion that dreams. 

Anything unreal cannot be of God; therefore, why should you fear “anything”?

I realize this all sounds great about not having to be fearful.  But think about this further. The power of the mind can communicate, but can it actually harm you? 

The body as ordered by the ego can harm itself, as well as other bodies. 

But this will never occur unless the body has already been confused with the mind.  In other words, by having an unconfused mind, you’ll have no worries of harm, or of “anything,” for that matter. 

The mind wouldn’t even think about harm; therefore, all conflict too should not be a concern. 


When it comes to healing power, the error occurs in the ego’s convincing us that it is self-sufficient. 

Think deeply here about what really happens to you when you are healing from any type of illness or injury. 

Isn’t the process of healing power strengthening you? 

Of course it is. 

But the ego prefers to believe that healing is a painful process and comes from outside—that something or someone outside us heals us; that it occurs through magic.  This is an insane belief by which we operate, and is why we have so many types of “magic” pills and formulas.

This belief is also responsible for our dreams and aspirations not being achieved

Magic is always seen as something fabulous or wonderful in the healer.  He believes he can offer something as a gift to someone who does not have it. 

He may believe that the gift was sent from God to him, and in turn, as a healer, he passes it along to you. 

But he doesn’t understand God if he believes he has something that others lack.

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To your real power of the mind,

James Nussbaumer

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