Self-Healing Power Within-What the Unhealed Healer can’t Grasp

As the Light of the Holy Spirit is your healing power, He uses the body constantly for communication purposes, and we must understand the body’s connection with self-healing.  No one has healing power of his own, and anyone who considers himself “a healer” doesn’t understand this—is an unhealed healer. A Course in Miracles states, “Every […]

Turn Your Life Around and Follow Your Dreams-your Life Purpose

To turn your life around you must be free of false inner dialogue. In order that you may live your own true free will and follow your dreams, you must minimize ego-based contributions to your own illusory pessimistic wrong-mindedness.  What I mean is that an energy given you of a thought system that is not […]

Getting Through Tough Times Understood

Getting through tough times is something everyone has experienced.  We all have been down on our luck before and had to make the choice to either rise above the troubles that bound us or to simply give up and continue to live in darkness. But when getting through tough times often the darkness begins to […]