Self-Healing a Natural Aspect of Psychic Power to Create the Life you Want

Self-healing is a natural aspect within yourself, a reflective state of mind you can learn to create the life you want, because you are whole and one with your Source and not separate.

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The body is instructed as a reflection of your whole and non-separated Self naturally to always be self-healing.

If you’d prefer, call it psychic healing.

The Course in Miracles states, “This world is full of miracles. They stand in shining silence next to every dream of pain and suffering, of sin and guilt.”

You are aware of the wholeness you are because your body has been practicing the miracle of self-healing the entire time you’ve been in this world.

Yes, your inner Self is involved in psychic healing all of the time unless you are blocking it out like clouds covering the sun.

A Course in Miracles states, “A broken body shows the mind has not been healed. A miracle of healing proves that separation is without effect.”

Below is another episode of For A Better Life Podcast, and also posted to YouTube, with a deep talk on what really is healing the mind to create the life you want.



The peaceful, free, fulfilled, and more relaxed way you see the world is a sign that you are getting to know the real world through yourself and self-healing. 

I liken this process to how I would feel whenever I left my home in Ohio and got on the highway to drive to sunny Florida. 

How We Perceive Things

My perception of the trip would change little by little, the closer I got to the sunny Florida line. 

This was particularly evident in the wintertime, when I left snow and gray skies, gradually arriving to abundant sunshine. 

Similarly, by now you should be noticing the self-healing process within yourself that I discuss in my books. 

A Course in Miracles helps us to realize that in wholeness is when you have that feeling of not being alone. 

The laws of self-healing must be understood so this feeling can gradually strengthen as you continue to spend time in the concept of wholeness—your right-mind. 

As your transition becomes more securely set in the real world, you will experience self-healing continuously rather than wrong-minded separated thought and perception that only keeps you from self-healing and the spiritual path. 

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Let’s go over a few necessary principles I have learned, arranged in a way that summarizes  for you to experience healing. 

Inner Awareness               

A key self-healing principle is to be aware that all sickness stems from your wrong-minded—ego-based belief in separation. 

And, again, it’s why I recommend that you learn mindfulness meditation exercises!

Only when you are able to deny separation from the One Thought of God—which is the Creation, meaning you and I, whole, with our Creator, does sickness not only go away, but will never come about. 

It is gone because the idea that brought it is self-healing and replaced by sanity, where you will never be stuck in grief and loss. 

What is sanity?  

It’s all that is true and whole. Separation is illusion, or, insanity. 

Sickness and sin are seen as consequence and cause in a seemingly separated relationship with wholeness, which your ego-based thinking keeps hidden and uses for its own illusory reasoning. 

Take, for example, a fever and sniffles—seen as a consequence—caught by babysitting the neighbor’s children—seen as cause, and preventing psychic healing to naturally occur.

When I was in prison we were expected to get colds and flu-like symptoms on a regular basis. 

The prison system does a grand job of giving us these “cold” hard facts to process in our belief system. 

This is due to the fact that we literally live within thirty inches of one another, where germs and bacteria have a prime breeding ground. 

Of course regular hand-washing and personal hygiene are measures of precaution, but there simply is no stopping the spread of such infections.

There are always certain inmates who give no regard whatsoever to their own personal hygiene. 

Some men literally never take a shower and are often forced into segregation, where an “institutional cleansing” can be conducted. 

No individual, regardless of educational background or social status, wants to have others living in their face, let alone be exposed to the coughing, sneezing, and other bodily functions taking place.

Once, when I came down with a bronchial infection, I immediately started scolding myself for not taking better care, and next started blaming other inmates, as well as the living conditions. 

This caused me to be quite upset and anxious, and I decided to sign up for “sick call,” where the proper antibiotics were prescribed.

My body was suffering from this condition and was also consuming my real self as a part of this illness, and self-healing was difficult due to my separated wrong-minded, ego-based thought system. 

I was allowing my mind to see myself as ruled by the virus—as if the virus had power over me. 

  • This is what is going on when we feel frustrated, stuck or unfulfilled. 
  • In the Real World, nothing can have power over wholeness.

As well, I also suggest another article that is closely related on proof that the healing power of the mind and miracles is yours for optimum health: 

To self-healing,

James Nussbaumer

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