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The healing power of the mind and miracles is not magic like ego-based thinking tries to depict.

Healing power certainly can give us optimum health.

But it’s easy for our mind to see a virus when we are ill as evil and demanding and in charge, and therefore believe we must have to fight this thing off. 

In a previous blog I told the story about my lack of healing power and seeing the virus as my source, or at best an unwanted violator—not to mention my constant hacking and sneezing and fever telling me what was in control. 

Ironically, seeing the virus as in control only made it more alive for me, when in reality I was separating more of my mind from its true Source and engaging in more wrong-minded, or ego-based, fragmentation. 

Below in this weeks episode of For A Better Life Podcast, we explore the healing power of the mind for creating the life you want and letting go of what you do not want.



When I allowed blame to set in toward the other inmates, as well as the state prison system for its overcrowded conditions, I used this blame as a defense against the insanity I was experiencing.

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The Illusive Ego Mind

It was the same blame I used for me being there over that foolish securities violation ending my 25 year career as a financial advisor.  

Finally I realized I needed to atone—meaning shifting my mind toward wholeness instead of separation, with my true Source, leaving the virus where it was—in my body—to run its natural course. 

I found that when I talked to it and faced it head on I was making the seemingly impossible become possible. 

I was leaving ego-based thinking behind and letting it understand that in no way was it going to govern who I am.

Yes, my power of the mind stood by with healing power and merely watched it leave town—just like the sheriff in an old western movie escorting the bad guys to the town’s boundary line. 

Here’s the questions to address for finding passion and purpose while aligning to the meaning of life:

But You Can UNDO the nonsense!

To atone here, means to undo any separated thought from the Oneness of God, thereby leaving you whole. 

My own ego-based thought was making an illusion out of the virus and building additional ego-based defenses. 

This fearful, doubtful, and defensive ego-based thought system doesn’t understand the power of the mind.

Even in the love relationship we must learn to deal with the ego and not let it gain control by blocking the love in our hearts, and more on relationship healing here in a related article. 

It doesn’t understand true free will and living to your true calling, and thereby thrives on making us feel it necessary to experience loss or sacrifice in order to win battles against enemies—the “other.” 

Our typical response is usually a call “out” to God somewhere outside of us, to please get rid of this nasty illness. 

The emphasis always seems to be: “I am sick.” You are not “sick”, you are of your Source which is whole and eternal.

When we atone back to our Source we are simply experiencing power of the mind while remembering that we are not an idea of our “sick body,” and healing power is restored.

This is the idea the most successful on the planet have instilled in them.

We are the Idea of God, which means that this Idea, which is of Oneness, cannot include illness. 

This is also why I always suggest to my readers to become involved in how to do mindfulness meditation.

Meditation takes you within yourself without fear!

When you ask the Holy Spirit to direct your healing power awareness back to whole-minded thinking, then a connectedness to this Oneness can be felt.  

You, as an integral part of the Whole Son of God, are the Idea of God.  In this One and Whole, single Thought, Ideas are only of your true free will, and your free will does not involve sickness.

This is where your healing power is manifested.

Is this to say we should not take a prescribed medication, such as the antibiotics?  Of course not; the medications can be seen as the gun in the sheriff’s hand as he escorts the bad guys out of town. 

And this is a right-minded or reflective way of thinking that gives you power of the mind, fueling utmost potential and bliss in your life.

The body can often be heavily influenced by wrong-mindedness—that constantly doubting and fearful aspect in us, called ego, and the medications are simply aiding the body with the physical means necessary to move the ailment along its natural path. 

Remember, the body is all about the use of time.

A Course in Miracles teaches that, “The Holy Spirit uses time as well, however, when right-mindedness rushes in to fill the gaps left by the fragmenting ego, as we discussed in detail in my first two books. 

When your body is sick it’s just a matter of understanding this, which will allow the healing to continue through the right-mind and its perception. 

While we are occupying our body here on Earth, healing power is constantly ongoing, because the ego is constantly fragmenting. 

The question for you is: Where is the balance of your split-mind in the ratio of wrong-minded to right-minded thoughts and perceptions? 

Ask yourself: Which perception is in control, you or the ego?  Remember, you made the ego, but it is not truly who or what you are.

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To your healing power,                                                                

James Nussbaumer

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