Fear of Death I’m Dying What Do I Do? For A Better Life Podcast

The Fear of death… and we often hear, “I’m dying what do I do.” 

As we reach our golden years, it’s common to start worrying about our mortality. Many of us begin to think the fear of death and the fact that we may have fewer years ahead of us than behind.

But there are many successful people who look to miracles as a way of everyday life, and the keep on pressing forward to their goals and dreams.

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I chat with people all the time who are Boomers like me, and when we were first coined BABY BOOMERS we were as young as can be, and “COULD NEVER DIE…!”

And that’s why I did this For A Better Life Podcast below and posted to YouTube, so that everyone listening can lighten their load about life in this world.



Keep in mind as you read and listen that I often refer my readers and followers to other appropriate ways to success and for thinking, and uncovering the real knowledge that sits within you, just waiting to be on your side for assistance.

So I hope this all makes sense where overcoming the fear of death and other things getting in the way of creating the life you want is concerned, or perhaps just trying to begin dealing with adversity in life.

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Of course, there are the all-too-sad more tragic illnesses, like my friend Mark–and his story in detail in my first book of the series, where death and dying weigh heavy on us.

What is it about Death and Dying that frightens us?

This fear of death is due to the mind’s separate state, where deterioration of the body begins. It’s the end of the ego’s domain!

And, if you know me, then you’ll know this is why I urge you to seek out meditation exercises.

But the body is always either growing or deteriorating.  The body will eventually turn to dust, and this fact of “I’m dying what do I do,” causes the ego in us great fear. 


Because the ego-based thought system will be forever gone, and being afraid is of the ego.

But the power of your real mind is exposed when you see this clearly, and here’s how to contemplate more on this. 

So it is really not you that states, “I’m dying what do I do.” It’s not “You” who is in fear of death and dying, it is the ego, a thing you made. 

Instead, if you can understand and gain a “feeling realization” that it is the body that will eventually experience death and dying, branch off and wither away from who you only think you are.

I suggest learning reflective power so then you will not fear and worry over “I’m dying what do I do,” in the knowing that you will live on where there is no sickness, and never was. 

You are not about sickness, but your ego-based thought is. 

This is where the fear of death comes from: the guilt you feel for not accepting and realizing who you truly are.

The guilt that you have been living with all along is asking to be punished, and its request is granted, as well as the sickness. 

But in truth this is not so, because the shadows you feel touching you from your past do not really exist. 

As I discuss in book 2, we carry guilt from the past with us as if it were our baggage. 

We think this baggage is who we are.  The baggage is the illusion we made and we call it sin, thereby labeling ourselves as sinners.

Think about it. 

You perceive how you want to see things, making perception a wish fulfilled. 

You continually change, trying to keep up with the changeless knowledge you desperately search for. 

But you don’t have to make any efforts hunting for it, and this is how the most successful who have ever lived act like a success and think like a success. 

It is in you, and always has been and always will be. 

It’s called unalterable, never-ending truth that has no fear of death and dying.  Just simply start seeing truth in everything, and you will have no problem living by it, because it is you. 

What is there truly to fear in the fact that “I’m dying what do I do,” and that your body will one day turn to dust? 

What you perceive fearfully can take on many forms, but has no true meaning. 

Nonetheless it is a perception, and is a step on the bridge to knowledge.  Once you can welcome the bridge from perception over to truth, you will see the senselessness in your fear of death and dying. 

You will not need to state, “I’m dying what do I do.”

A Course in Miracles helps us realize that, all journeys start with a single step, and your journey to truth starts with the step of making a perception; whether it is wrong-minded or right-minded, it is a step. 

If it is wrong-minded—where you think all that you are is this body, merely by your asking the Holy Spirit will bridge that gap over to right-mindedness, which is that area of thinking where you know you are more than just a body. 

This Truth of Who you are stands as one and cannot include the fear of death or intrude on your perceptions, but it can welcome your questions to open arms as He answers.

Some Cool Stuff about the Laws of Attraction

A Course in Miracles further helps us to see some cool stuff that, perception’s laws are opposite to truth, and what is of knowledge can only be what is true. 

God does give Answer to the world of sickness and the worries over “I’m dying what do I do.”

It is death and dying which applies only to the dream of all forms, not the reality of eternity. 

God’s Answer is there for us, although it works in time where it is needed. 

But because it is of God, the laws of time do not affect its workings.  His Answer is for us in this world, but only in this world, because in eternity we don’t need answers. 

It is where all reality must be, in ideas, which are of thought and remain in thought.

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To the Truth of Who you are,

James Nussbaumer

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