Internal Strength is Yours that an Anti-Christ can never Penetrate

Internal strength to create the life you want never fears that something or someone is more powerful than itself.

Is Obama, or Trump, or terrorists, or any number of people truly the anti-Christ?

We hear this kind of fearful ego-based talk all the time, because of our own illusory ego’s belief in idols.

As I discussed in The Master of Everything: A Story of Mankind and the World of Illusion We Call Life, an idol comes to life through beliefs outside yourself, which your ego thinks must be established for you in order to have internal strength. 

The ego-based thought system loves its idols and fights for their survival, and this is why the ego in you will never help you get the life you want and reach your full potential. 

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It is illusion that obscures and obstructs the inner Light–our real inner power from creating the life we want.



When you withdraw these beliefs, the idol dies, and, then, your inner power is uncovered to live the life you want. 

This idol, not real, is the anti-Christ, a strange perception that there is power beyond your true knowledge and infinity, a power that can outperform eternity. 

How absurd a notion!

In this illusory place a perception was set that an idol takes on a form and can shape the world for its own purposes. 

This is where we who are timeless come to be made slaves of time, while idols teach us to suffer loss and handle it well, because nothing will last, as in “This too shall pass.”

Idols do have one thing right, however: “Nothing” does not last while in this world. 

Where can an idol be? 


And can an idol have internal strength?

No way! 

Is it possible there could be gaps in the infinite, a place where time can interrupt eternity? 

Could there be a place where darkness could put out light? 

If this is so, an idol must be beyond where God has set all things forever, and has left no room for anything else to be, except His Will. 

Therefore, nothing and nowhere must be where idols can be found, while God continues to be everything and everywhere.

What then is the purpose of an idol?  

This is a question that has many answers, and each depends on the individual to whom it is asked. 

Can an Idol Give You Power?

The question tells us that the world believes in idols. 

Idols are worshipped, and many seek to find the perfect idol for their own circumstances—something “out there” they think will deliver them internal strength that may give them what they feel is missing in their own reality. 

This is why I suggest seeing the Deep Sleep Now video, where you find that nothing is missing at all in your life. You just need to bring it forward in your mind!

Each worshipper of idols harbors hope that his beliefs will give him more than others possess.  It must be more, otherwise they seek out a new idol.

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It really doesn’t matter more of what; more beauty, more intelligence, more wealth, more faith, or even more affliction of pain. 

More of something is what we “idol” for.  But let’s not concern ourselves here with the forms this “something” takes. 

An idol is merely the means for “getting,” and this is not God’s Will.

God wants you to truly have everything you deserve, including internal strength, because you are an integral part of the whole Mind of God, the Creation, or as A Course in Miracles states, the “Sonship,” His only Son (whole Child), who needs to have everything in order to fulfill His purpose. 

As I discuss in my books, there is no idol that could ever intrude with “more.” 

The Holy Spirit—your inner Guide, does all the “getting” for your purpose, and this means that He will make sure you have everything you want. 

Your wants are your needs that are necessary for you to have the internal strength and peace of maintaining your place in the Atonement, which is full and total awakening, at Home, where we’ve always been and always will be. 

  • Remember, I am talking here about “your” wants, not the ego’s. 
  • What you want is the will of the Sonship, which is, as well, the Will of God.

If having everything you want is within you, why would you want an idol that would make you lesser in order to give you more? 

This is the same as taking two steps backward, and then one step forward.  God is all that there is, including your internal strength.

And this is how you answer to your true calling!

Uncovering Internal Strength to Get the Life You Want

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When your idol dies, the Creator of everything remains forever with you as His Idea. 

If you are His Idea, then you are of Him, and no idol can establish you as more than God.

Therefore, what is an anti-Christ? 

Can what is Unreal Ever Be Real?

It is a perception that makes fantasy believable. 

It is the perception that sees it acceptable to target bombings so they minimize the death toll of the innocent. 

It is the same perception that sentences a man to prison for political gain, or that finds one’s neighbors inferior, or that claims privilege at others’ expense. 

The anti-Christ is nothing more than a perception that makes up its own truths.

However, there is no need to worry that an idol could ever take the real you to that level, because you would never be content with being less than God.

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To your internal strength,

James Nussbaumer

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