Giving and Receiving-Different Aspects of the Same Thought-the Power of Creation

The laws of the universe are all about giving and receiving.  It’s the flow of thought that creates a willingness and readiness to dynamically transform and bring forth into this world the abundance within us.

Almost everyone has learned to act reciprocally in a relationship where giving and receiving is involved. 

The thinking seems to be that returning a favor is the appropriate thing to do, so that we may display our gratitude and continue the flow of giving and receiving. 

On the surface level of who we are, this seems to be the right-minded approach in caring for our friends, family members, neighbors, coworkers, and others who help us out.

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Our Reciprocal Nature

The power of Creation we may say is the power of the mind, which is all about giving and receiving, is without limit and is not intended to be reciprocal.  It can’t be.  We do, however, fully have communication with God, as He surely does with us. 

God inspires us through our Guide and Communicator, the Holy Spirit, so that we can create like Him. 

We may say this is hearing God speak. Our power is like His, but it does differ.

A Course in Miracles teaches us that “To think like God is to share His Certainty of what you are, and to create like Him is to share the perfect Love He shares with you.”

As you become certain of miracle mindfulness in yourself, you’ll notice the Holy Spirit leading you to joy in a way only you could know it.  Your own true free will makes you complete because it brings you joy, and in this joy you are whole. It’s hearing God speak.

The joy of your true free will

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Your wholeness is the Kingdom of Heaven, and each individual has a different free will, which gives them joy.  It is still the same joy we all share, and this is Heaven.

There is a constant, continuous, uninterrupted flow of love between you and your Creator, much like electricity.  This is the same love within the whole Child of God, and is why we are whole. 

God’s Child—our mind within His Mind, is the whole power of the entire Creation.  There is nothing magical or mythical about it.  The Power and God are the same. It’s bringing out the Best in you.

Oneness of mind

Love is given and received between ourselves and God, in one continuous thought, and, again, we may say, this is hearing God speak. 

The giving and receiving is in the Power of God. 

In other words, as we give and receive love amongst one another, the sharing is the act of God. 

We are of this realm in the giving and receiving aspect involving each other.  Reciprocation has nothing to do with it. 

But in the actual giving and receiving, it is not only “your” love or “my” love.  It’s the oneness I share with you as I receive your gift.

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To each of us as whole and complete,

James Nussbaumer

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