You Make Life Worth Living and WHY Never Give Up Hope

When you think about it, don’t you make life worth living? Yes, you make it worth living for, by learning the reflective state of mind.

Here’s a brief session I posted at YouTube on how to get out that rut of feeling down on yourself, and how to begin letting go of all that NONSENSE holding you back.



Here are three standard affirmations I’ve borrowed from the Course in Miracles workbook that you can work from for how to find happiness within you.

  • I am safe and because I rest in God.
  • I am as God created me and so the Universe gives me everything.
  • To give and receive are one in thought.

Remember, being happy to make your life worth living is all about perfect oneness, your mind, body and spirit.

Understanding exactly what it is that makes you whole and feel increased self-worth, and never give up hope, will keep you really feeling light and alive.

If you’re constantly recollecting your past mistakes and errors in thought, learn to let go of that ego-based aspect in you.

Course in Miracles teaches us that, “The ego is in your mind, because you have accepted it there.”

If you want to learn how to do mindfulness meditation, or yet, yoga spirit, or perhaps the ever popular yoga healing , then check out what I strongly suggest.

Remember, you make life worth living, and absolutely nothing does your whole being of mind, body and spirit better than positive outlook, going within and letting go of what you do not want.

Here’s more on answering to what will I do with my Life and how to use reflection principles: 

To a life of never giving up hope,

James Nussbaumer

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