The Illusory Ego Mind – Leaving it Behind for the Life You Want

The illusory ego mind and its own doubts and perceptions of the world can’t understand life beyond the body, eagerly looks forward to your death. 

But this THING, the illusory ego mind, which you think is BIG and think it is you, is so afraid of its own shadow, and why we’re still deciding over “nuclear war or peace.”

(Below is an audio from my recent webinar on getting the life you want.)



Overcoming adversity and the fears that go with the illusory ego mind, and on to what you truly want in life, is why I suggest learning to manifest the life you want, as Albert Einstein had prescribed.

I have received tremendous positive feedback with great comments on its results.

To the ego mind– our illusive thought system based on fear that believes we are a body, the goal is death, which is its end.

It knows that when death arrives, it will no longer have to hide from the truth.

This is why learning breathing meditation exercises, or mindfulness training may help you go within and let go of all that nonsense that is obscuring your natural light– the power of your mind.

I also encourage yoga spirit or yoga for healing.

What is the ego mind and what does the coin “God fearing,” really mean?

Why are we taught this?

How often do we worry, think about, and say, “All good things must come to an end?”

The Course in Miracles states, “Your peace lies in its limitlessness.”

(Here’s a related article on why overcoming loneliness and depression when feeling alone is not that difficult.) 

To getting the life you want, 

James Nussbaumer

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