Overcoming Personal Challenges by Understanding the Subliminal Mind

Did you ever question why you were having trouble overcoming personal challenges? Perhaps it’s love problems. Did you spend a lifetime trying to determine who you are? Have you ever tried learning to reflect your goals and dreams to reality? Don’t feel alone. There are numerous people who deal with and frequently question themselves every […]

Managing Stress and Anxiety to Live the Life YOU Want

For managing stress and anxiety here is another kind of relaxation in reflective state of mind–a mindfulness training, a progressive relaxation approach. I have re-purposed a past blog post about I’d written some time ago on how to get rid of fear and anxiety and say ‘I want THIS for life’!  I have included it here […]

Stopping the Practice of Smoking in a Few Easy Steps

If you are currently a smoker, stopping the practice of smoking could be among the most crucial things you will ever perform in the next part of your life. If you give up now, you will most likely be including 7 to 10 years to your life. While lots of people try to quit, stopping […]

Building a Better Future for Yourself in 5 Fearless Easy Tasks

The power of choice is something you own. Building a better future is a choice you make, or decide not to make. Either way it’s a choice. We are never totally free unless we take ownership of our choices. It’s of the habits of highly effective people and is how successful people grow. The only […]

Golf Mental Game Tips – Improving your Golf Swing

A much better golf swing is certainly achievable…for any golfer, with the ideal golf mental game approach to having success on the golf course. It does not matter age or ability. It’s a truth … and can occur really rapidly! To achieve a better golf swing, a golfer has to recognize golf psychology for getting […]

Changing Core Beliefs so that Things Will Be OK

Self-limiting beliefs are the untruths many of us use to give us direction in life. Until you begin changing core beliefs, and reflecting what you do want, finding happiness and being successful certainly will be limited. But belief may release you from self-imprisonment, like the belief from the heart that you are protected by your […]

What Happens When I Die? Is There the Angel of Death?

The thought we all have of what happens when I die, as well as, the assumptions and projections of an angel of death permeates the psyche of much of humankind. The term the dark grim reaper is very frequently associated with being afraid of death and of the angel of death. Let’s face it, we […]