Building a Better Future for Yourself in 5 Fearless Easy Tasks

The power of choice is something you own. Building a better future is a choice you make, or decide not to make. Either way it’s a choice. We are never totally free unless we take ownership of our choices.

It’s of the habits of highly effective people and is how successful people grow.

The only reason for not living a life around your true free will can be around fear of something. Below are 5 fearless easy tasks for how to change your life around by committing to building a better future.  

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  • Fearless Easy Task #1:

Take ownership in your decision.

Creating a vision on your own for building a better future first needs you to ask yourself, “What it is that gives my life purpose, happiness, and significance?”

How to change your life around means aiming your skills to enhance your creative power.

What makes you smile the instant you think of building a better future?

It is not difficult to determine what your unique ability, gift or interest is.

Simply ask yourself: “What do I eagerly anticipate more than anything else in the world?” Look to your capabilities and create through reflection within yourself.

The Course in Miracles states, “Your creations belong in you, as you belong in God.”

  • Fearless Easy Task #2:

Dive into the reflective power of your imagination.

Now that you have actually decided to act on building a better future by creating a list of your skills, interests, and delightful activities, it is time to form a vision around them.

How to change your life around is accomplished by doing exactly what every child on earth has the power to do at will: Simply go deep into your imagination to begin creating and making changes in your life!

This is why I urge you to learn mindfulness training and how you can change your life by listening to your inner Teacher’s personal growth plan, and here’s a review on that…

Start dreaming of all of the ways in which you can invest your time doing what you like.

Do not worry about making sense at this phase, simply dream as if you were a kid again. It means you are reflecting and healing within.

The Course in Miracles asks us to, “Accept the miracle of healing, and it will go forth because of what it is.”

  • Fearless Easy Task #3:

Set your objectives and goals.

As soon as you have decided exactly what you want to do to for a better life for yourself by developing a vision, the next action is to set objectives and goals that will function as easy tasks around building a better future and fulfillment of your reflective state of mind.

When contemplating how to change your life around you can begin setting these objectives and goals by asking yourself questions like: What do I desire to achieve in my life?

Be clear, significant, well defined, and make sure your objectives EXCITE you!

  • Fearless Easy Task #4:

Enjoy the journey and pay attention as you say to yourself, “I need to change my life.”

As you start a new day today, always bear in mind everything that you have jotted down and pictured for building a better future.

Although you most likely do not have the means to right away delve into your objectives and goals above, you can still start working towards making changes in your life by thinking of the outcomes while you are doing your best today.

  • Fearless Easy Task #5

Commit to a life of purpose and passion.

Obviously, even after you’ve committed to, “Need to change my life,” you will still have to go to work today in the task that you would rather not have, deal with some problems, and do the things you should do that you would rather not be doing, and so on.

But tell yourself that’s okay, and that your job now is to do them with vigor, with excitement, with “knowing” that building a better future will be accomplished in line with your vision when you are prepared.

This why successful business people act like a success and think like a success.

Final thought for How to Change your Life Around:

Remember, when you begin asking within yourself, “Help me change my life,” you have the power of reflection beginning to make changes in your life, by doing exactly what every individual in this world has the power to do at will.

So simply dive into the reflective power of your imagination to produce a reality you can call yours!

Also keep in mind, the more we live in this world without using our creativity through a reflective state of mind, the more and more we lose ourselves to the world.

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To making changes in your life,

James Nussbaumer

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