Feeling Alone in Life Overcome by Realizing True Eternity

The method for letting go of feeling alone in life is through a “feeling realization” that is understood by our abstract thoughts. Much of our belief in falsehood stems from things that can not be physically touched.

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First our inner divine Guide–the inner real Self–the Holy Spirit, must undo all of our false perceptions to help us slowly awaken from the dream of separation–which we can say is the dream of life in this world.

This is why for now the Holy Spirit within us–and not outside us has the task of undoing our separated mind called ego.

In exile from true Reality, we can say, and He helping us overcome feeling alone in life.

Yes, I mean inner healing.

Many have fearful notions of the Second Coming or Last Judgement, where rather it will be our grand realization as a whole that we are the Christ Mind.

In other words, we are already Divine, but simply are not yet aware of it.

To do this, He uses the same methods of operation for getting over feeling alone in life that the ego uses, except with truth.

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James Nussbaumer

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