My Passion in Life and Feeling Alone in Life? Answered Here

For me when I tell myself to decrease fantasy and live my passion in life from the heart, doors start opening. I mean, to finding your passion in life is in your heart and you have the great ability for honoring your true free will. You see, and truly think about this, that when you […]

Feeling Alone in Life Overcome by Realizing True Eternity

The method for letting go of feeling alone in life is through a “feeling realization” that is understood by our abstract thoughts. Much of our belief in falsehood stems from things that can not be physically touched. (Below is last weeks Podcast/Webinar posted to YouTube.)     First our inner divine Guide–the inner real Self–the […]

Overcoming Loneliness Depression when Feeling Alone in Life

Are you thinking perhaps even however so slightly about how to begin overcoming loneliness depression? In today’s high and mighty paced society, we’ve ended up being accustomed to filling the eeriness of silence with fluff. We rely on lots of diversions as a method of escaping feelings of idleness or monotony when we’re feeling, ‘I […]