Creative Power in Yourself through the Energy Consciousness of being Co-Creator with God

Sharing the realm of creative power through giving and receiving which creates an energy consciousness, can be understood more clearly by the following life-changing circumstance that has raised in me a loving energy. 

I remember a particular writing project,—the rough draft, in its early stages with much yet to do before greeting a publisher, and at that same time my oldest daughter, Erin, was in her early stages of pregnancy with her first child. 

It was a gift to me.

Erin is beautiful, and at that time a thirty-two-year-old woman with creative power and a new, wonderful, and different glow about herself. 

Just like her elation, even though at that time I was behind bars in prison, I too had a different glow about myself, as a soon-to-be first-time grandfather.

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I was anxious to set my eyes on this marvelous addition to my family. 

I was waiting to be able to hold my grandchild in my arms, even though, it had to be arranged in the prison visiting room.  The glow we each behold is the same love which appears in different respects. 

For certain it is the same glorious joy Erin and I share.

A Course in Miracles states, The gift of life is yours to give, because it was given you.”


I, of course, cannot hold the same sensations as my daughter.  She is feeling her baby move, and all of the nourishment she gives the baby through her body, along with all the other wonders and changes in her body she senses as the baby grows to full term.

On the other hand, Erin cannot possibly feel the sensation that comes over me as I see my once-little, cute, sweet girl in pigtails and missing front teeth, now becoming a mother. 

This awe intensifies  as I remember the creative power in her first steps at nine months old, her first solo bike ride at age seven, her first school dance, her teenage years as a cheerleader for the high school’s teams, and so on. 

This joy and elation that consumed me was a positive creative power, an energy consciousness, if you will, helping me through my dark times in prison.  Another gift.

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Creative Power

But my point, in the sense I’ve just described, is that if we in our wholeness created God, and He also created us, the Kingdom could never increase through extension of its own creative Thought. 

If this were so, our creative power and the Creation itself would be limited, and no one would be a co-creator with God. 

But isn’t this what our non-whole separated wrong-mindedness called ego tries to do—that is, wishes to create God in our likeness through our own ego interpretations? 

In reality, of course, these false ideas of God get us nowhere, and are why history continues to repeat itself.

Let’s back up a moment to my daughter, and all the love involved here. 

She and her new child are partly of me, but I will never be partly of them.  My grandchild may one day have children and grandchildren, also partly of me, just as I am of my own parents, grandparents, and so on. 

In this sense, Erin and her offspring are co-creators with me, just as humanity as a whole is co-creator with God. 

Creative Thought

We seem to hide from God’s creative Thought as It proceeds from Him to us.  We seem to turn away from what we truly feel within, and look for salvation outside of ourselves.

His Thought is Creation, and is the only way creative power can extend deeply inward, and not outside of us. 

It continues through each of us, because we are the extension of that which is extended as total One-Mindedness. 

A Course in Miracles asks to accept that God’s accomplishments are not ours, but ours are like His, as we create “in His Likeness.”

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To your creative power,

James Nussbaumer

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