Core Beliefs Changed Certainly Bring Forward your Healing Power

To begin changing core beliefs is to actually see why we have these assessments within ourselves. What you will then discover when you further ponder an issue is that these arrangements you made with yourself usually are fragmented—and that separation of thought carries with it some degree of uncertainty.

A Course in Miracles states, “These related distortions represent a picture of what actually occurred in the separation, or the ‘detour into fear’.”

The dream of life, which we may say is the dream of separation from the Mind of God, was not only the beginning of time, but as well of a belief system which has grown and fragmented from one generation to the next. 

We can say that once we began believing, only then that very first tick—the beginning of time was initiated. 

We then began having core beliefs that it was actually morning, afternoon, and evening.  Someone had to give us a valid reason for believing there should be noon, to separate out the morning, and likewise for having a belief there should be a mid-night.

These core beliefs began telling us that in time we get old, a time to attack, a time to blame, to feel guilty; then it became a time to pray, a time to repent. 

Did we make this time from our beliefs, or was it created? 

Belief system

What would a fish say if we could ask it, “What time is the best time for you to swim?”  If the fish was being truthful, it would say “Now.”  Now is the only real time there is.

Please consider, why would the oneness of the whole unseparated mind—which has no knowledge of the beginning of time, which is one with its Creator, ever have the need for time or a single belief? 

When you have everything and are lacking nothing, you don’t need to believe in anything. 

But perhaps you will say that you do lack. It may be financial, or a marital problem, or can’t seem to be certain in your career, or need to lose weight, or just feel you do not have everything you think you need.  Are you certain of this lacking problem?

A Course in Miracles states, “Do not be afraid to look within. ”

Ask yourself:  Does real, honest truth ask you to believe in it as a reinforcement?  No, it does not, and it does not need your belief in it to make it true. 

What is true, is true, regardless of how many core beliefs support it. 

Our knowledge of it is enough.  So why is it we feel the need to believe in anything? 

The dream of life

We are all teachers at some level, even if you are the only student. 

Couldn’t we then say that to teach from our core beliefs would weaken us as teachers, and as learners as we continue to dream of separation? 

Nonetheless we continue to teach what we believe, and what others have taught us to believe in, and then we consider these core beliefs a lesson learned as knowledge.

Our behaviors change alongside our core beliefs, and results in inconsistent learning patterns, making us poor teachers and poor learners. 

In this state we are unable to heal and continue along in the dream of life as fantasy, and live it as unhealed healers.

 God’s healing power  

If we teach both separateness and healing, then we are simply sowing more seeds of this conflict.  The more we separate, the more we struggle with healing power. 

Anytime a mind is split it requires a lesson in God’s healing power, to keep it from continuing to split.  As it continues to fragment it still senses the light of right-mindedness, although some areas of the fragmenting mind are more obscured from the light than the rest. 

Healing power reverses separation and brings wholeness forward–and this helps you live a life of your dreams.  

We must look to our right-mind as the Light of the Holy Spirit, our Teacher, Communicator, and our Healing Power.

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To healing,

James Nussbaumer

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