Universal Life Energy-the Real Healing Power for Self-Limiting Beliefs

By more clearly understanding universal life energy we flow with our vibrational sensitivity, and live with a sense of what A Course in Miracles calls, “right-mindedness.” By being in tune with our right-mind we are more aligned with the power of the universe and life where an abundant life seems to find us.

Many call it “Whole Consciousness,” never conflicting, a divine Oneness where we live in harmony, success and walk around this planet feeling genuinely fulfilled.  

But sure, as humans, at times we’re faced with dealing with conflict, and just like with your vegetable garden in the backyard, to live the most complete and whole life possible you must consider how you cultivate the soil of the garden. 

You must only allow natural fertilizers and nutrients to nourish its life.  You truly cannot afford the infestation of wrong-mindedness taking root and spreading like weeds keeping you in conflict and from being aligned with universal life energy.

A Course in Miracles states, “The distractions of the ego may seem to interfere with your learning, but the ego has no power to distract you unless you give it the power to do so.”

True inner peace

People who appear to be highly successful are no different from you or me. 

Ronald Reagan, when he was president, once made the comment that he was “no different than the other men in the world, who like himself, sometimes put their shoes on before their pants.” 

No matter how we display a bit of humor, or dress ourselves in the morning, like everyone else we’re an integral part of the same universal life energy—powered by Thought—our Source.  The Source of this Thought is our power.

If you are able to bring to the front of your mind what the Holy Spirit—your inner divine Teacher and Guide, has given you, then you will have minimal weeds and no obstruction to the growth of your garden. 

With the true inner peace of universal life energy you’ll no longer have the confusion over self-limiting beliefs in God, because you will know Him.  You won’t need beliefs.

If you like, change the name of God to suit your own reference within yourself—for example, “the Source of Life” or “the Strength of my own joy” or “the real Power of the Universe.” 

Whatever you choose, it’s only a bundle of letters; and it’s the meaning behind the letters we’re after.  Right? 

Self-limiting beliefs

This simple change and alignment with universal life energy allows even the atheist or agnostic to begin seeing things more freely. 

Words alone can often frighten us or turn us off and build self-limiting beliefs.  So if you wish, please adjust the words you use to lend you clearer meaning for the reality beyond a particular word.

The only reason some of us have difficulty bringing willingness forward is self-limiting beliefs that may dictate something else.  Many hold beliefs that are based in fear of knowledge, because knowledge is within and beliefs are focused outside.

Your miracle mindedness capability is within you and never to be found somewhere out there.

Why do beliefs often despise knowledge?  The answer is simple, if we are truthful with ourselves. 

It’s because with knowledge, our beliefs may become falsified, and we must put them behind us.  Remember, beliefs cannot give knowledge a lesson.

Believing has no power or place for true inner peace, only because a belief is too busy analyzing its doubts and raising more conflict as it worries over fear. 

In the background of your mind there is always the little voice asking questions: “What if?” or “Has it ever been proven?” or “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Power of the universe

Think about it.  Were many of us not taught since childhood to believe in God—yet we fear Him?  The fear of anything is always the fear of losing something. 

We may fear losing paradise, or Heaven, for example—which also implies a belief in the opposite, the “hellfire” concept we dreamed up somewhere along the line.  We believe this to be a frightening fact. 

But what does true knowledge tell you?  Does the real power of the Universe which is whole and complete, truly need the conflict of a belief in hell?

After all, what is truly whole is not split apart or separated and certainly does not conflict. It can’t, because what is whole is total Oneness.

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To being aligned with the whole Power of the Universe,

James Nussbaumer

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