Resolving Conflict from the Inner Vision of your Right Mind

Resolving conflict effectively means releasing it to your divinely skilled inner Healer and Communicator. Conflict is a common aspect in most love relationships, and as humans dealing with conflict often involves unnecessary stress.

Usually dealing with conflict becomes a battle or a leaving the scene scenario, and both are not conducive for relationship healing.  

Being that you are the Child of God, that whole, loveable, giving and sharing and caring you, can you possibly see why the ego opposes and shies away from appreciation, all right-mindedness—our positive outlook on life, and all real knowledge? 

When you see the love and good within yourself, this is the whole Child, or in traditional terms—the Son of God, in you operated by the Christ-Mind.  This is what Jesus as a manifestation of the Holy Spirit was here to teach us.

But just like 2,000 years ago, the ego will see only threat, judging you as arrogant, and will force itself to detach from you and attach itself quickly to anything else.

 Personal perception

We see this quite frequently in marital or love relationships, when a couple breaks up where resolving conflict was not in their cards. 

One or both of the parties rushes out to find a replacement.  But sooner or later they find out that the “grass is not greener on the other side of the fence.” 

The only reason the ego believes there is greener grass “out there” is because it made it up. 

Immediately arrives the Holy Spirit to undo the illusion without attacking it—easily, because He doesn’t perceive illusion at all.  In fact, He never perceives anything, but rather knows. 

The Holy Spirit knows exactly and precisely what your personal perception is as He mediates between truth and that of your dreaming mind. 

A Course in Miracles states, “There is nothing to prevent you from recognizing all calls for help as exactly what they are except your own imagined need to attack.”

As the mediator, this is how He teaches personal perception from a right-minded positive outlook on life approach, or attitude.  This is why you are then able to see a particular conflict as meaningless.

This is His method of resolving conflict through you, because He is you. 

Therefore, the next time you have entered into resolving conflict by seeing the simple senselessness of it, you have not only understood, but have witnessed, an undoing of error treated by your personal Healer. 

Or better yet, the Healer in you has prevailed as promised.

Inner vision

I hope you’re seeing with real inner vision that the Holy Spirit is in your right-mind and is the Truth inside you.  Truth is what created you, and it is your knowledge. 

The Truth in you knows that resolving conflict cannot be accomplished over deciding “who did what to whom” or “who was at fault and who is to blame.”  Neither does the Truth in you want to dwell on “should have” or “would have” or “could have” done it differently. 

This is a pattern of fostering more self-limiting beliefs. 

Rather, the Truth in you is what manifests miracles, and wants you to understand that the reason you must let go of the conflict to begin resolving conflict is because the conflict itself is meaningless.

By letting go of what you do not want all that remains is what you do want, and this is how we experience everyday miracles in our lives. Is this denial? Only to the ego in us.

You must begin resolving conflict by releasing it to the Holy Spirit.  Your healing Guide and Comforter wants you to understand that conflict is not understandable, and thus all conflict is meaningless. 

Remember, it’s what you choose to understand that brings on appreciation, and appreciation expands while extending love.  But keep in mind, only Truth can be understood without conflict.  What else is there?

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To dealing with conflict right-mindedly,

James Nussbaumer

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