Positive Influence-its Impact when it’s Time for Overdue Change

Try to think of positive influence as being similar to a ray of the sun that beams and extends cheerfully into all of us. The goodness and well-being of what extends directly becomes part of our inner Self, and sends vibrational waves impacting the world around us.

My friend Louise Hay stated in her book, Heal Your Mind,  “Mirrors reflect back to us our feelings about ourselves.”

The writings of Henry David Thoreau have found their way to me.  They inspire me with what I need and open my mind so that real knowledge comes forward.  Thoreau questioned the beliefs passed along by his forbears. 

In his famous book, Walden, he wrote: “If a man does not keep pace with his companions perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.” 

Thoreau challenges us with positive influence by adding, “Let him step to the music he hears, however measured or far away.”

Don’t get me wrong.  I do understand that our beliefs are intended to give structure and purpose to our lives in a world quick to destroy that same structure.

But we must be careful in remembering that when we do believe in something, we will try to make it true for ourselves.

Overdue change

Rather, we must understand our well-intended beliefs as right-minded perceptions, which are inspirations and positive influence for welcoming overdue change and alterations in patterns. 

Then we can use real inner vision to see beliefs for their intended use, which is to leave space for the power of knowledge and its positive influence to enter.

Let’s face it, when we’re left with self-doubt, conflict seems to find its way into the intended direction we’re heading. 

Therefore, rather than believe in what God wants for you, leave it open as a simple perception and allow knowledge, not wishful thinking, to find you in time. 

How much time?  This is up to the Holy Spirit in His task of bringing to you, as it reflects the purpose of the whole.  Instead of your ego drawing to wholeness like a leech, only to make separate wholes, the wholeness of the Universe will come to you. 

Why?  Because wholeness needs you; otherwise it lacks, which I assure you is impossible.

A Course in Miracles states, “Vision will come to you at first in glimpses, but they will be enough to show you what is given you.”

Power of the Universe

Wholeness is not only the power of your mind, but as well the power of the Universe, and will come to you by the knowledge brought forward in you as being one with It.

Since the ego is afraid to be in conflict with God, it will work diligently at drawing you further into believing you are separate from God. 

It will try to make your split, fragmented, confused, and worrisome thoughts conflict. 

These are the fearful, conflicting thoughts that lack positive influence and easily bring on an attack. 

But because the mind cannot attack, the ego will persuade you to believe in yourself as a body.  The ego-based mind, not having knowledge of God, cannot see you as you truly are. 

It does, however, see you through a mirror of guilt.  It becomes aware of this weakness and wishes you to be on its side, but not as your real self. 

The ego cannot face you within the positive influence of Truth.

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To the knowledge within you,

James Nussbaumer

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