Making Dreams a Reality by Reflecting the Reality Behind Dreams

The idea of making dreams a reality is a powerful, thought-turned-to-energy-based technique that helps you getting “out of the dumps or unstuck.”

It is a fantastic thought process through reflected power of reality behind dreams that you can access at any time and in any situation.

It’s what I’ve found to be how successful people grow.

The power of reflection determines dreams to reality in that when thought circulates through the interconnectedness of the universe within us, luminous energy, a light, if you will, extends as your inner-Self, and it comes back in the same form.

When you’re seeking to begin making dreams a reality are you totally aware of what you’re actually thinking and perceiving, and what type of energy you are putting out?

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This is exactly what develops distortions in our energy fields and triggers our own power of thought to be stagnant.

Say one of the areas of making dreams a reality for you is to attract a romantic partner into your life.

This is a really deep desire and something that you desire with all of your heart.

For a minute let’s look at what could be occurring behind the scene on a much deeper level in your thought-to-luminous field.

Dreams to Reality as in your Power

The reality is at the current instant you do not have a relationship in your life. You are lonesome. When you roll over during the night there is no one there to hold you.

You head out and see all these pleased couples walking and it causes you to feel unfortunate and envious.

(Here’s why starting to trust others allows the real YOU to beam forward in your relationships, perhaps finding someone you match.)

You develop a war against yourself, or distortion of thought and perceptions-to-energy, and you cannot tap into the reality behind dreams.

Course in Miracles teaches us, “To be released from conflict means that it is over, and do not seek for safety on a battleground.”

If you discover this occurring simply understand that you have some idea formed from the darkened thought of the ego-based mind. You seem to be stuck and can’t get what you want.

The first thing to do in this case is to be reasonable here about your efforts to making dreams a reality. There are over 6 billion individuals presently surviving around the globe!

There is somebody there for you.

Let go of the sensation of sorrow and lonesomeness on your own that only contributes to the distortion, instead of dreams to reality.

Be happy for other people that have found an appropriate mate on their own. You just have not satisfied the best person.

That’s all it is, and in due time the reality behind dreams will make your goals and dreams real.

It is all about living life on your own terms!

Get What You Want in this World

(Here are a few vital steps to begin realizing your goals and manifesting your heart’s desires.) 

Keep in mind as you take in this article the Course in Miracles teaches us that, “We are responsible for what we see. And we choose the feelings we experience.”

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Use the making dreams a reality idea through reflective power to overcome all the blocks and coverings of darkened thought to your luminous field of light.

When you begin to feel the sad sensations come over you, picture a gorgeous arch of golden light—an energy field from your thoughts and urges about wanting to begin making dreams a reality.  

You, like everybody else who wants great things. You want to get what you want and be able to pay your bills and be financially secure.

You start doing affirmations, meditation, believing favorable and visualizing exactly what you prefer to occur.

You just got paid and it is gone!

We get angry and say things like, “I keep stating all these affirmations and thinking favorable ideas and I still am not making dreams a reality.”

What is the Reality behind Dreams?

Change how you see things.

When you discover your true inner-Self of light, it’s because you will have let go of fear about not being able to pay your expenses, and the money flow you need will be manifested according to your willingness and readiness to receive it.  

See the arch of golden light, as the Course in Miracles terms it, from your thoughts of your whole-being shining away all distortion and untruths.

Being in a “stuck” area only brings on more wrong-minded ego-based thought built on fear, doubt, judgement, and the thoughts of being separate from that arch of golden light.

This only blocks your ability to create while making dreams a reality and triggers fatigue.

When your luminous field is free of the obscuring distortions, you will feel more stimulated and creative.

Utilize the reflective state of mind to clear your mind and shine away darkened thought so you can receive the endless true blessings that are offered to you for making dreams a reality.

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