Being Immortal-When We Are Making the Right Choices

Being immortal does not mean that aging will come to an end, because aging is a human characteristic. But aging is not a characteristic of the real You behind the mask we call ego.

With ego—that doubting and fearful aspect in us all that likes to be judgmental, on the sidelines and your spirit in control, the mind has only one direction in which it can proceed to making the right choices. 

In book 1 of the series you will see why…It is the right-mind—which is spirit’s direction that will be automatic, because now it knows it cannot be dictated to by the ego’s thought system. 

A Course in Miracles states, “In a split mind, identity must seem to be divided. Nor can anyone perceive a function unified which has conflicting purposes and different ends.”

In book 2, the sequel we go deep here…Being immortal your spirit’s only choice is one-way. 

You may experience this when you make a decision on a matter without hesitation or doubt or questions, and you proceed to knowingly in making the right choices, or we may say, make the right turn. 

It cannot be emphasized too often that correcting perception is merely a temporary fix. 

Being Immortal

It’s necessary only because our misperceptions are a block to knowledge, while accurate perception gets us there via a route through the right-mind. 

It’s a stairway up, through, and above the fog. 

The higher the steps take you, the less fog there is obscuring the way. 

The whole value of right-minded perception rests in the inevitable realization that all perception is unnecessary. 

This removes the obstruction entirely. 

You may ask how this is possible, as you appear to be living in this world.  This is a reasonable question.

You can understand this more clearly if I ask you a simple question: Who is the “you” who is living in this world? 

You may answer by saying, “I am Tom,” and you may add a last name or a job description. 

But in reality you are thought, and the real nature of thought is spirit being immortal; and immortality is a constant state that has no opposite.  I

It is as true now as it ever was, or ever will be

This is why my friend Tom admits that being immortal he forever lives, regardless of the image we have of him.

That Place with No Ego-based Involvement

 “A place of supreme happiness, beyond the sky; the abode of God, where the angels and the souls of those who have been granted salvation abide.” 

This is a definition of Heaven that’s been passed along to us by past generations for thousands of years. 

This also paraphrases the standard dictionary description of our eternal resting place.

There is no doubt in my right-mind that this description was made by man so that the good in all of humanity might freely come forward and realize that being immortal is what we are.

This kind of vision must be what maximizes our full potential.

Real vision

However, with our total right-mindedness, let’s take this well-intended set of promising words that project an image of Heaven and go much deeper—without the body pictured—and see that the knowledge within you is the oxygen the Kingdom of Heaven gives you to breathe. 

It’s what helps you in making the right choices while in this world.

Once you have deeply thought this over, let’s use the real vision of being immortal to see the angels everywhere in our lives, and perhaps in helping us in making the right choices.

I also suggest this article about, Myths about who you are and how to live beyond these ego-based projections: 

To being immortal,

James Nussbaumer

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