Seeing God by Surrendering the False Knowledge Against Your Heart

We certainly can begin seeing God, I mean come face to face with God when we allow the light within us that is always on, but which our body blocks, to shine forth so we may have real vision. Surrendering the false knowledge against your heart that the world has taught you, is a great first step to living by your true light.

Let’s take a quick in/out breathes before we go a little deeper. 

For the moment, just suppose you made the decision to surrender every idea you’ve ever had that opposes the true knowledge within your heart.

In book 1 of the series we do deeply explore this…Yes, I mean seeing God by letting go of the ideas the world has taught you by releasing this wrong-mindedness and allowing the Holy Spirit—your real and true inner Guide, to deal with it for you. 

(Here’s proof why total self-forgiveness will get you the life YOU want.) 

If you let go of it all now, what do you think would happen?

We all hold within us a mind-full of illusory thoughts that feed our fears. 

This prevents us from seeing the sights arranged by our Guide, who roams the separated mind, with oneness as His goal.

When I say that “you” must surrender these untruths, I mean your true essence behind the frame that is your body. 

The “you” I’m writing about is the abstractness beyond the fear that the frame holds—the tapestry itself that has nothing to do with flesh and bones. 

This is the Christ in you that others sense when you walk into a room. 

It’s the Jewel about you.

Let’s take another deep dive within, away from the body where you begin seeing God, by answering a few questions that may help you transcend. 

Try to put all physical thoughts aside, or ask the Holy Spirit to temporarily hold onto them for you, leaving you in touch only with that inner essence that is you. 

In book 2, the sequel, readers realize…But if you cannot put all thoughts aside at this time, that’s okay; read on regardless, because the message will sink in.

Go deep now

Think of how you are seeing God in that split instant when you first hear that wood hen hammering away as it hollows out an oak tree, the sound echoing while you are slowly walking through a wood. 

In that instant, the flash of no-time, where is the place in your mind that first registers this bliss? 

Or in the moment you sight a shooting star arc across a velvety night sky, where is the awe-inspiring vision resting while your breath is taken away? 

Could this mean you are face to face with God?

How about seeing God through the feeling of cradling a newborn baby in your arms, and when she smiles and gurgles, where is the connecting point that inspires the joyful, peaceful smile on your face?

The Decision to Surrender

The place that holds these instants of sensation before your brain is triggered is your true Home.  This is the Kingdom of Heaven within you where you are face to face with God. 

In that instant, time doesn’t exist and is where you live ego-free while you are seeing God.

No ego involvement can dare think about penetrating, because time is not available in order to birth a single thought. 

Here is where you are seeing God.

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To the Truth in you,

James Nussbaumer

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