The Inner Life-What It May Mean for Your Own Perseverance

The nature of being open minded to the inner life or the idea of One Mind, or we may more easily say, “quantum mind,” remains deeply mysterious. We find spiritual implication in the term “consciousness” itself.  

We seem to be aware of what it means to be conscious, but isn’t there an intrinsic inner awareness about how we all somehow yearn to be whole—as in One Mind.

How is it that things happen at the right times, or someone suddenly shows up when help in some fashion is needed?

How can we truly explain the inner life?

The experience of the inner life or quantum consciousness, at first seemingly and then later certainly, began showing its presence to me during a period while I was in prison. 

I was seeing myself consistently continuing to “show up,” as the Cash family—Johnny through his daughter Rosanne—had suggested on the Diane Rehm radio talk show, which I described in a previous article


Not to mention Reese Witherspoon’s interview, who found me in order to inject a jolt of inspiration at the perfect time.  Ironically, she portrayed Johnny Cash’s wife, June Carter, in the movie, Walk the Line.

I do realize that it may seem ridiculous for me to deem these individuals a part of quantum consciousness for “endurance, perseverance, and inspiration.” 

But at least for now, please withhold judgment about the inner life and continue to read on. 

Others seem to pop up along the way, like a “pop-up” on your computer, and often a welcomed one at that.

On another day while writing from the volatile and often violent din of the cell block, when thoughts were urging positivity inside me, it hit me to write a letter to the Foundation for Inner Peace, the copyright holder of A Course in Miracles

The address was available on the copyright page of the text of A Course in Miracles. The thought had been in the back of my mind for some time that ultimately I would need permission to quote particular passages from its content. 

Being open minded

Something suggested I do so on this particular day so I could see what type of response, if any, I might receive.  Naturally as a beginning writer and with no modern resources available in prison, I had no experience in such matters.

Less than two weeks later I received a reply letter from the Foundation.  Not only were they giving me a green light to continue with my mission, they encouraged me as well. 

The kind letter expressed appreciation and was signed by a woman who I could tell was extremely knowledgeable about A Course in Miracles.  I do not mention her name here because I did not obtain her permission to do so, though I remain grateful to her.

In her letter she expressed an understanding of my situation in prison, along with my desire to secure a publisher that was right for my material.  She complimented my perseverance, but openly admitted she was in no position to recommend a publisher. 

This made perfect sense to me, since A Course in Miracles recognizes itself as “esoteric” in nature and it would be counter to this quality were it to favor particular publishers or other such referrals.


I received her letter at a time when perseverance was needed since I had been struggling over a particular section in the second book of the ever-developing series which I’d finish from behind bars. 

However, a simple but meaningful sentence she used in closing her letter triggered a series of thoughts that were ready, due to my willingness, to come forward in my mind. 

I immediately jotted everything down in the little research notepad I’d carry around in my hip pocket.  I’ve learned to always be ready for an unexpected set of words that need to be noted. 

After a full day of sitting with her words, I was able to abundantly expand on her gift to me, which allowed me to freely complete that section of book 2, Mastering Your Own Spiritual Freedom.

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To being opened minded to the inner life,

James Nussbaumer

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