How to Overcome Fear and Anxiety to Live a Better Life

Far too many individuals are filled with fear, anxiety, and worry of one kind or another: fear and anxiety of change, fear and anxiety of success, or worry and fear of failure. How to overcome fear and anxiety, being alone, ending relationships or starting new ones can be achieved.

Lots of individuals fear aging, abandonment, unemployment, and rejection.

Fear can keep us stuck in our lives!

It can keep us from ending unhealthy relationships or from leaving a work circumstance that is no longer pleasing.

How to overcome fear and anxiety is in planning for reaching our objectives and goals and living our dreams.

Facing fears and letting go is of the habits of highly effective individuals who have ever passed through time, and is how successful people grow.

How to Cope with Fear

When we seek for ways to cope with fear and shift beyond our worries, we can live a better life and lead a life that is truly fulfilling.

Going beyond your fears is why I so often urge that you learn how to do mindfulness meditation, of to get involved in a mindfulness training and breathing meditation technique, and a review on that here…

The concern is, if we all feel fear when entering into the unknown, why is it that some individuals are able to move forward in their lives, in spite of their fear, while other people become incapacitated?

How to overcome fear and anxiety is holding your life from a place of power or choice, where you will take action on love, instead of fear.

There are many books, CD’s, video programs, and other material teaching how to reflect what you want in life from within yourself to your exterior world.

(Here’s another suggested article I’d written ages ago that may help, about discovering when subconscious mind power is realized you easily replace your fears with success.) 

Let’s begin Conquering Anxiety

But first, let’s consider this statement from the Course in Miracles: “I have said you have but two emotions. One is changeless but continually exchanged, being offered by the eternal to the eternal.”

(By the way here’s more about    A Course in Miracles and the lessons for great personal development, spiritual health, and confidence building, which brings out your greatest gifts.) 

These reflection principles, or, what some may call, the power of attraction, divide worries into two classifications:

1) Fear of things that can take place to us, and

2) Fear around acting.

At the bottom of all our fears is the standard anxiety and worry, “I can’t manage it”, or, “I won’t be able to manage it if I lose my job.”

And more such as, “If my boyfriend leaves me, I will not be able to handle it,” or, “If I return to school, what if I fail?”

What if we believed that whatever happens in life to us, or whatever we did, we would be able to handle it?

Then, we’d be realizing how to overcome fear and anxiety. Yes?

Let Go of Fear for a Better Life

The Course in Miracles again teaches that, “You have but two emotions, and one you made and one was given to you.”

Treatment for conquering anxiety and to overcome your fears can help people to face fears, and be released from the other side of them.

It is in going out and doing what we are afraid of, that we overcome our worry of what may never happen, and as a result, feel better about ourselves in the process!

Psychiatric therapy can be an option for how to overcome fear and anxiety, and offers the encouragement and assistance that individuals require to overcome their fears and to change their lives.

Most of us are filled with worry and fear of one kind or another: fear of change, worry of success, or worry of failure.

The question is, if we all feel fear when entering into unfamiliar territory, why is it that some individuals are able to move forward in life and love, and let go of fear, while other individuals become paralyzed?

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To the life you want to live,

James Nussbaumer

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