Unconscious Mind Power Realized in the Exchange of Your Fears for Truth

Manifesting miracles is not magic, but is in simply realizing and accepting your unconscious mind power. It’s the creativity you are capable of that directs you into the life you want to live without fear.

All things are possible, but the limitations you only believe you face are holding you back from the truth.  

Utilizing your real unconscious mind power will help you achieve your goals, such as, relationship healing, a golf swing, mechanical or educational pursuits, weight-loss, other physical healing or abilities, mindfulness financial success, well-being and health, and on and on, etc.

Obscuring mental cloud cover to miracle manifestation is seen as ego-based resistance, where necessary mindful healing and undoing is outlined in the first book of my series, The Master of Everything: A Story of Mankind and the World of Illusion We Call Life.

Truly think to yourself, for a moment or so, of all that you fear. Think of all the things that make you feel insecure about your life.  The fear that we try to hide in ourselves confuses us and limits our real unconscious mind power. 

The ego is nothing more than a confused state of our own real and true identity that dreams, and confusion does make errors.

This is why the ego’s distorted foggy thinking about unconscious mind power misapplies the Laws of God for its misuse of its illusory power. 

This is also why this illusory power works diligently to teach us to fear our Creator, Who resides someplace “out of sight.”

A Course in Miracles asks us, “Would you not exchange your fears for truth, if the exchange is yours for the asking?”

How to deal with fear

The ego wishes that we love what we fear as being separate from Who we are.  All that the ego can see is limited to the body.

How to deal with fear is by not being afraid of the ego, which is no different from fearing our own shadow or the shadows of others.  The ego relies on your being afraid of your true and full potential created by your real unconscious mind power. 

We made the ego by believing in it.  That’s all.

How to deal with fear is in realizing all we need to do is get rid of our beliefs altogether and keep our focus on what we perceive, regardless whether they are wrong-minded or right-minded perceptions. 

That pile of perception will iron itself out with the Holy Spirit’s task of constant undoing and reversing our errors, along with His use of time and space.

Our beliefs keep the lock on the door 

We must not project blame and guilt onto others, or we will be preserving our beliefs.  We must let go of them, so that knowledge will open the door to our real unconscious mind power. 

Knowledge and unconscious mind power in its purest form will welcome you. 

When we accept responsibility for the ego’s existence, we will have lain aside anger, which feeds attack. By not placing blame on your errors, you accept them as yours, and the Holy Spirit will see that you do not keep them. 

Reaching full potential

If you no longer harbor these errors in thought, they will also be kept away from humanity as a whole—which behind bodily form is the One Mind of Creation, so well described by A Course in Miracles.

Errors are simply what they are, nothing more, and are made solely by the ego. 

Keep in mind that anything of the ego, including the ego, fades away in time. Yes, your body, too. 

So don’t worry about loss, because it’s only of time and certainly is not of the eternal you. Stay with your true calling and not settle for less!

The Holy Spirit will help you to understand this and realize your full potential as time moves along, by teaching you to perceive beyond any beliefs, because Truth is beyond all belief. 

This is why the ego can be completely forgotten at any time—because it is such an unbelievable belief. 

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To letting go of all that you fear,

James Nussbaumer

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