Moving Forward in Life by Avoiding Fear of Making New Choices for Change

For a lot of people moving forward in life by disregarding old beliefs and going with new ideas isn’t that easy to do.

But be pleased with your inner self if you are one of those creative spirits who just isn’t satisfied sticking with old routines that have you stuck and at dead ends.

But rather, perhaps, you’re one who likes to keep moving forward in life by true extension of Self and making new choices in life for change without regret.

Ask yourself a question about your own beliefs, and be sure to answer with all honesty.  Keep it to yourself, but be sincere.  If you can’t touch your own sincerity you’ll have difficulty having what you want and moving forward in life.

How to bring your dreams to reality

Are you placing efforts into getting ahead in life, going along with the world’s desires, or are you truly extending and sharing ideas of peace, joy, and anything that heals or inspires you, thereby automatically inspiring others—efforts in which love reveals your truthfulness?

Take some time with this. 

It’s a simple formula for avoiding fear, making new choices and moving forward in life. 

Be truthful with yourself, regardless of what the ego might be tossing around in your brain.

 Avoiding fear

If what you do each day is of love and not of fear, then you are not wasting time as you would by projecting images of the way you wish things could be.  Rather, you must bring success in life to you in the way that you want it to be. 

Let’s face it.   You really can’t love an image.  If you believe you can, then you are living an ego fantasy, by allowing your beliefs to project images of your wishful thinking.

A Course in Miracles states this Truth:  “Every mind must project or extend, because this is how it lives, and every mind is life.”

A few people kindly messaged me saying that in the last few articles it seems I have come down pretty hard on the idea of beliefs. 

If you feel this way, too, or have questioned this by doubting, please try to see that this is clearly your ego being judgmental. 

In book 2 of the series, Mastering Your Own Spiritual Freedom, we discuss deeply how this gives your ego-based mind permission to make a defense, however slight it might be. 

But there is nothing for you to truly defend, because there is no attack.

Our projected images make these beliefs where knowledge wants to override them.  Knowledge is all about wanting.  What it needs to get what it wants, it gets by extending itself rather than projecting a wishful image of fantasy. 

Law of attraction 

But when your ego is in control over you, nothing is wanted—only wished for—and knowledge is seen as scary and intimidating, so beliefs are conjured up. 

Sound familiar?

You can’t have attack-type thoughts if you don’t project an image of defense. 

Likewise, if we don’t extend ourselves there can be no love in the world. 

This is the fundamental law of attraction that operates the mind, and it keeps everything that is real in the mind of God. 

Anything unreal does not extend itself nor enter the mind as real, because in reality it doesn’t exist. 

But its image can be seen, and will be projected by the separated mind, which is dreaming of the unreal and never truly moving forward in life. An image is all that we physically see in the dream of life. 

Can this physical or dream form truly be loved?  In other words, do you love your loved one’s body, or is it him/her, the “jewel” that she/he is, that you truly love?

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