Law of Giving is what Creates Abundance and Well-being in our Lives

The power of the universe works by the incredible law of giving and receiving, as two aspects of the same thought. It’s this flow of universal power that creates abundance and well-being in our lives.

It’s in our willingness to extend love so we may attract it, which keeps peace and happiness in the world.

Is attraction love?  I speak here not only of romantic attraction, but attraction to all physical things—money, property, status, territory. 

Our attraction to this psychological projection has continued to change, modify, and project conflict in a battle that only struggles for more. 

Then, if that’s not enough, when we’re projecting feelings of loss and not love, we project guilt onto ourselves and those around us. This only limits us from our real worth, including financial aspects. 

It’s this psychological projection in relationships with who we feel are out to take something away from us, so that they may have more, which destroys relationships everywhere. 

A Course in Miracles states, “There is no living thing that does not share the universal Will that it be whole, and that you do not leave its call unheard.”

Feeling of security  

We seem to derive a feeling of security in having more, and insecurity in less. 

When we try to give by extending ourselves, the ego likes to justify it by telling us that we’re only getting rid of what we can no longer use. In this idea relationship healing is impossible.

However, the Holy Spirit in us knows this as the law of giving what we value by sharing it in our minds, and this is how He teaches us to extend. It’s how we manifest miracles.

The ego will project an image of any such sharing or law of giving as sacrificing or depriving itself. 

The ego will turn this upside down by believing it has done something good by depriving itself, and it expects its due reward later.

While the ego can never understand true reality and the law of giving and receiving, it also cannot accept that sharing the real, such as an extension of love, creates abundance. 

It only comprehends the sharing of the unreal, or fantasy, which it believes makes scarcity.

My friend Jon Phillips who I discussed in a few previous articles had an image of himself on the PGA Tour that seemed exciting and attractive. 

But the means required for him to get there and remain there was not a picture of joy for him.  

He would have had to give up time with his family and his dream of moving to the wine country. 

In other words, playing golf for competition at that level would not have been an extension of himself, and he would have been denying the law of giving to himself, regardless of his talent. 

There is one thing for certain that you do indeed know, and so do I. 

Let’s extend our love rather than psychological projection in relationships

When we share or extend our love, we don’t lose it or decrease its level of abundance in us. 

Actually, we feel increased love.  It is not a loss and still remains in us, as well as benefiting the individuals to whom we give it. 

This creates abundance.  Thus the thoughts of abundance or scarcity are our personal responsibility.

Does my friendship with Jon leave me with scarcity thoughts or thoughts of abundance? 

Ask yourself: How do your friends make this decision about you? 

That answer, most importantly, lies in how you see yourself.  Are you lacking or are you abundant due to the law of giving and receiving?

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To abundance and well-being in your life,

James Nussbaumer

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