Giving Up On Love? Easily Learn the Idea for Love in Action

What is really going on whether in relationship struggles, or merely your life in general, when you are giving up on love? Why is your ego-based mind—that inner critic we all seem to have, haunting you about love in action nowhere to be found?

To love your life seems to be an absent idea when all the day in and day out struggles in life always seems to get in the way.

But truthfully, what projects this fear is often that nagging ego worried that you might just begin getting precisely what you want. Sometimes positive outlook may set the tide for drifting away from love in action.  

As humans we all harbor a doubting Thomas—that inner dialogue called ego, that doesn’t want you to love your life and experience the true and lasting inner peace which is our real Home.

A Course in Miracles states, “Yet in this world your perfection is unwitnessed. God knows it, but you do not, and so you do not share His witness to it.”

To this day, in the same timeless instant of the dream of separation, fear is its foundation, and makes it impossible for the ego to experience the free will of love in action. 

It’s difficult to love your life when the ego in you can’t even love itself, only because it is illusion and what is unreal can hardly love.  

Who can love something that is nothing?

The ego-based mind in each of us will never realize that real love and to love your life is the power of our true essence—which is why the ego denies it and is always giving up on love. 

But the part within us that senses pure joy from the power of love is the Christ Mind we all are, and this is where we experience love in action. 

Limiting beliefs

When we operate from Christ, everything of our power of mind flies directly over the ego’s limited thinking and limiting beliefs, and this is why the ego can’t love.  All it can do is spend its energy trying to obscure our true light, by continuing to dream and make fantasy until its bitter end.

Once you truly see that you—the real you, not your body—have everything and lack nothing, then you will begin to love your life and never want to acknowledge the ego.  You’ll overcome the idea of giving up on love and have no such “bitter end.” 

In many cases in my own life now, this inspires me to stay clear of the views I once had of particular people, groups, and the world in general.  The ego remains in all of us, until humanity as a whole reawakens and realizes just like Dorothy did dreaming of the fantasy of Oz, we have been safe at Home all along. 

But my errors have been reflected upon, and I am able to realize the ego gradually fading away as I learn to silence it—for the most part.  It’s no longer my ego-based projections that make me tick. 

Law of attraction

Likewise, my ego now has difficulty with the law of attraction when it comes to attracting other egos. 

The Light about me right down to how I carry myself and in my conversations, is far too bright for giving up on love and for the ego to rule over my decisions.  Is this an arrogant stance I take?  Only to the ego. 

I am fully aware the ego is with me; otherwise I wouldn’t be in this body, the dream of projections.  But my true light which is love in action silences the ego, and with much joy I’m able to attract the reality and sincerity, and fun-loving side in others. 

This was so for me even in prison, believe it or not.  Sometimes, there, in that volatile and often violent din of the cell block, all it would take with an angry inmate is for me to say something like this: “Come on, man. 

This prison thing is hell on all of us.  Let’s be real here and help each other out.”  Their true reality would shine through.

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To love in action,

James Nussbaumer

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