We Must be Willing to Let Go for the Way to Success in Life to Prevail

Much more often we must be willing to let go of some people and situations we’ve been hanging onto for far too long. But as humans we’re afraid of the unknown. We harbor unnecessary self-doubt and guilt. It’s the ego we feel we need!

You may think that much of my writing is a discussion of the ego-based mind.  But what I really want to pass on to you is a lesson I’ve learned on how I was able to realize my own abundance. 

The ego kept me from the realization that we must be willing to let go for much of my adult life; but now my goal is to share my abundance with others. 

We must first understand the ego’s use of projection before the relationship between projection and anger can be undone by the Holy Spirit—our inner divine Guide.  He wants us to know what we must be willing to let go of.

A Course in Miracles teaches us that, “The ego will always perceive conflict, at least always in the background of a situation.”

However, it also wants you to know the importance of reducing conflict, because it doesn’t want conflict to be so intolerable that you simply choose to give it up. 

The ego is aware that it cannot survive without you having some level of conflict in your life. 

Therefore the ego tries to convince you that it has the capability to free you of conflict—but it doesn’t want you to have the power to free yourself. 

The ego strives to make you feel that you need it.

For example, consider how children carry conflict around within themselves, often induced by their own parents. 

Poor school performance, household chores not getting done, sibling strife, or just about anything that may linger in the growing pains of our kids can be a setup for conflict.

Often the thought process enters: “I hope my parents don’t find out.”  Or, when a parent does find out, there may come the dreaded words: “Wait till I tell your father about this.” 

Of course, the implied threat makes for further turmoil. 

But while such secrets and reactions can stimulate further conflict, we could approach the situation differently.  We could choose to see errors as errors; let truth be shown so it can be known; and move on. 

But we seem to wish to drag conflict around with us.

The ego-based mind has its own made-up, warped versions of the laws of God, which pertain to the body taking the focus away from the mind, where real purpose exists. 

The ego gives our minds projected images of other bodies out on a mission to take God away from us.

Let’s take a look at a few major errors involved in this attempt. 

  • First of all, conflict cannot be shared just because it is projected. Keeping part of it and getting rid of another part doesn’t really mean anything. 
  • Remember, teaching conflict is poor teaching, as we learned earlier, and only results in poor learning.
  • The lesson becomes confusing, and any value in it is limited by the confusion of the teacher.
  • Another error is the idea that you can get rid of something you don’t want by giving it away. We must not forget that giving something is how we keep it.  That which we extend remains with us as it is being extended. 

But the ego has taught us that seeing something as outside of us means that we have excluded it from within us.

This is why the ego can’t understand extension and only understands separation.  This is also why those who build their lives by projecting are fearful that someone or something is always waiting to tear down their image. 

We may like to teach “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but we resort to doing so anyway.

The projection that what seems good on the outside must also be good on the inside seems to creep back in.

No one can behold an illusion about someone else without beholding it in themselves. 

In order not to, we would have to fragment our true One-mindedness into pieces.  This is impossible, but the ego dreams that this is what it is doing with its separated projected images.

Remember, a projection is not real, but it is the best the ego can do, which is to dream. 

The real power of mind for success knows we must be willing to let go, and can never be aware of any such projections, which is why there can be no attack in any fashion.  The belief that it can is an error the ego makes by judging, and therefore believing it has a basis for its use of projecting. 

The ego doesn’t understand what the mind really is, and at best sees itself as the body’s brain. 

This is why the ego doesn’t understand what you really are.  Yet it depends on the mind for its survival, because the ego is our belief that the body is who we are, which is why we’re so afraid of what is real. 

Yes, we are afraid to meet our real and true Self head on.

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To seeing your way to success,

James Nussbaumer

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