Reflective Mind Power Awakens us to Break the Habits and on to What We Do Want

The reflective mind, always has been, and remains the quiet center of our eternal life being. This means that every one of us in his/her own right is an integral part of the whole.  Consider what you do each day.

Is everything a programmed routine?

Why can’t we more easily break the habits we don’t truly want, and rather have what we do want? The reflective mind has been imprisoned by the brain, and we sleepwalk on a path of least resistance.

Whether it is relationship struggles, career problems, getting beyond financial stress, family, weight loss (try Yoga Burn), or the serious problems with alcohol and drugs, it might be to quit smoking for good, or whatever, we gradually sway further and further off the path of our true free will.

No one truly wants all these problems in life!

While I was in prison, the holiday season from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day can be a time of severe struggles.  The depression in the air is palpable. 

This is a period when receiving mail with kind words is even more valued than the regular days of the year. 

Someone kindly messaged me recently at this blogsite to tell me that she thinks of the literal prison I once endured, as being poetically aligned to our own inner prison that we often make for ourselves.     

 On a day just after Thanksgiving, but before Christmas, I received a letter from Nakita, a woman living in Croatia who I mentioned in a previous article. 

She had written me only one time before this, when she somehow became aware of my spiritual path as mutual student of A Course in Miracles.

Reflective learning

It remained a mystery to this point as to how she learned of my situation, my address in prison, and my involvement in A Course in Miracles.  It was intriguing, to say the least! 

I found it strange that Nakita went on to tell me that much of Croatia was Catholic, and she was raised Catholic, just as I was. 

She mentioned how her own involvement in ACIM had given her new light, a new vision in how she practices her Catholic faith.  “An enhancement,” she said. 

Nakita added that the psychological Christic teachings of A Course in Miracles had allowed her to more clearly see in her reflective mind, rather than believe, the true function and purpose in the man, Jesus, who once walked among us. 

Her reflective mind and perceptions are not the exact same picture as my own, but they follow the same truthful path.

Nakita’s letter was straightforward and honest, like a Likability Blueprint Law, as she shared so much with me openly.

She went on with me her feelings about the wonderful reflective mind of Jesus, as a man, reaching total actualization of the Christ-Mind, and being given the power of the Holy Spirit to help the rest of humanity reach that very same state—but within ourselves as a whole. 

It’s up to us individually as to how we perceive or sense wholeness within, as Jesus did.

Jesus is a personal symbol in the dream of separation as the manifestation of the Holy Spirit.  Having been totally healed of his own split-mind, Jesus has become One with the Spirit of God, or the Holy Spirit. 

A world of fear

In this sense—my own reflective mind, my own perceptions as I dream of time, space, and form—Jesus lives on in spirit and shares in my reflection of the Christ-Mind, and yours too. 

This reflection gives us Jesus as our elder brother, the oldest sibling of the whole Child of God, or, Sonship, as the A Course in Miracles terms it, if you’d like to individualize this for perception’s sake. 

Full Atonement in our reflective mind will interconnect our minds as one whole, complete the Son of God—full awakening from the dream, oneness realized just as it always has been.

It will end a world of fear!

For the most part, my own ideas coincided with Nakita’s: as Jesus lived within this world of fear, rather He perceived love. 

In His lifetime His perceptions of the world shifted to knowledge, whereby the power of the Holy Spirit realized. 

Full Atonement is simply the undoing of what never was

Every action, every word, every thought He had was guided by the Holy Spirit, and not by the ego.  This is why for our own reflective mind, sake, He asks us to model Him.

It’s how we undo the ego!

Jesus was able to see the ego-based mind as the dream it is.  A dream is nothing; it’s not knowledge; it is unreal.

The Christian religion or any other has no real universal laws or rules that govern our minds as to how we truly see the life that Jesus lived. 

He entered the dream of separation as a manifestation of the Holy Spirit—a Teacher and Guide, and there were others before and after Him as well, who were able to understand the darkness of the ego. 

Jesus was able to overlook the ego, and then look beyond it to the whole Son of God, that we all are, and personalize the Son as Christ, just as we all forever are. 

This is how He has taught us the real meaning of forgiveness, and is why He leads the way in our reflective mind to reawaken from littleness and realize the magnitude or full potential of what we truly are.

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To letting go of the world of fear,

James Nussbaumer

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