Mindful Connections and Why a Psychic Link is Real-A Course in Miracles

So often, we disregard out of fear our ability for mindful connections. We become judgmental when we should be feeling a connection. We criticize and chastise others when we should be connecting. We focus on embarrassment when we need to form a psychic link.

In a previous article I discussed the woman from Croatia who out of the blue started writing to me while I was in prison for eight long years, over that foolish securities violation.

So please connect by baring down into the nitty gritty with me, as today I’m a bit more long winded than my other articles!

I am actually out of breath with anxiety right now, at age 60 (almost) as I write this and reminisce back to the days this all went all down.

She somehow knew I was a prisoner and involved in studying and writing about the principles of A Course in Miracles.

Nakita’s letter was to the point, and I was surprised by her ideas of mindful connections and the ability to communicate in English.  Some misspelled words indicated her slightly broken English, and I could perceive her Croatian accent. 

(By the way, here is a good time for me to suggest this podcast and article on Is God always with us, but first please finish here.)

She was insightful with her messages, but not at all pushy.

She did, however, include a small brochure or flyer that seemed to be inexpensively self-published on a copy machine. 

The flyer was announcing a worldwide prayer or meditation session, depending on which method was most comfortable for each individual and their mindful connections, to be held three days before Christmas and to last only a mere ten minutes. 

Its purpose was to help move forward world peace in all our minds.

I was overwhelmed with curiosity and surprise, wondering who this woman could be. 

In the back of my mind there were thoughts of her being some kind of a “nut.” 

After all, my first book was not yet published, and I wondered how she knew about my writing about A Course in Miracles!

But she was so nice and easygoing and down to earth that I said to myself “What the heck” and I gave her letter and flyer my sincere attention. 

After all, how could I judge? 

I made the decision to open up my mind to her idea of mindful connections, or we may say a psychic link, and a request that I somehow participate in the meditation here from prison. 

She also asked that I discretely and privately pass along the information to anyone else I felt would also enjoy participating. 

She suggested I put my name and address on the flyer and mail it to anyone I felt would appreciate the cause.

I must admit, I had thoughts along the lines of, “There’s a sucker born every minute,” but she wasn’t trying to sell me anything or pull me into anything threatening, so I dismissed the thoughts. 

Suddenly I trusted Nakita!

Her letter was too sincere for me not to.  Besides, her mindful connections invitation, if you will, lent me a sort of excitement. 

Here in prison, however, I had to be careful.  I was not aware of a single other prisoner I could feel safe in sharing this with. 

The way rumors fly and get exaggerated, a not-so-good type of label could easily get attached to me, so asking a fellow prisoner to join me was out of the question.

I began to search my mindful connections for at least one person I could send this information to who would not think I was “off my rocker.” 

I needed some time to think this over

In the meantime, I decided to rewrite the entire flyer neatly by hand, since word processing by a computer is unheard of for inmates in this prison system.  The prison’s typewriter with damaged keys always has a waiting line, so I ruled that out.

My willingness to be open minded about a psychic connection with someone discovered that carbon paper could be purchased in the prison commissary, however. 

So I proceeded to rewrite the flyer on carbon paper, securing one carbon copy of my original. 

I now had a clear copy and an original to announce this worldwide meditation session, and perhaps make at least one psychic link. 

Here it is, in case you’d like to use it in whatever fashion you may choose:


            An Invitation to Join In and Think About the Joy of Attaining World Peace

            From:  Jim Nussbaumer (plus my address in prison)

            Dear Friend,

            The Holy Spirit will be glad to take a few peaceful moments off our hands and carry them around the world, where pain and misery and suffering rule, and where peace of mind is desperately sought after or simply needed.  He will not overlook one open mind that will accept the healing gifts they bring, and He will lay these peaceful thoughts everywhere.  The Holy Spirit knows they will be welcome.

            The goal is to increase the healing power each time someone accepts them as his or her own thoughts, and uses them to heal.  Each gift of peace and healing will be multiplied a thousandfold, and tens of thousands more, and on, and on.  It will then be returned to you and will surpass in might.

            A society of minds invites you to join us by using the following simple words for this prayer/meditation session where the Holy Spirit speaks through everyone, so we can help in the healing needed around the world.

                        Peace be to me, the holy Son of God.

                        Peace to my brothers and sisters who are one with me.

                        Let all the world be blessed with peace through us.

            The Little Garden Society is a society of minds everywhere with a purpose to help all minds around the world to heal through the attainment of inner peace of mind.  Advertisement is not the goal, but minimal ego-based thought is.  It is, however, asked that you be “true to yourself” and have a “willingness” to help heal the world from conflict of all kinds, just by your thoughts through the peace and love you are able to extend.  Individuals of the Little Garden Society are scattered around the world and focus themselves wherever violence, attackful thoughts, and unsettledness prevail.

            There are no strings attached, no credit cards, no money, just joy.  To join us from the privacy of your own home on December 22, 2010 at 9:30 PM Eastern time, peace and love and forgiveness need only be your focus.  This would mean 8:30 PM Central time, 7:30 PM Mountain time, and 6:30 PM Pacific time, and so on, around the world.

            This meditation/prayer sessions will last for only ten (10) minutes.  The purpose is to bring unity, or oneness of mind, to everyone, however-so-briefly it may occur.  The length of time in which we touch each other will not matter.  Regardless of time, inner peace is the resulting goal.  If inner peace may be realized only for a moment, our goal will have been achieved.


Okay, back with you now!

After I finished rewriting this flyer with carbon paper, all sorts of negative thoughts began twirling in my mind.  I actually laughed at myself for being “such an idiot,” over the idea of mindful connections.

Although earlier in the day I had suddenly had an urge to trust Nakita, now I was beginning to wonder if this was some kind of game she was playing with my vulnerable side, being that I was a prisoner. 

Regardless, something urged me to just press forward. 

One completed carbon copy was ready to go somewhere, though I was still thinking about whom to mail it to.  I had already decided I would keep the original for myself.  But I was still swinging back and forth in my mind as to whether I’d actually mail it at all. 

Even if I found someone, I was periodically haunted by doubts about the validity of the entire project, plus I was afraid of making a fool of myself by believing in mindful connections, or psychic connection with someone. 

But when I actually thought about it some more, I laughed at myself again. 

Only this time it was more like laughing with myself.  It hit me that I had nothing else to look forward to for the holidays anyway, so with that state of mind I decided to go forward and not look backwards.

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Oh, and by the way, I’ll continue this story in my very next article. I am still feeling excitement over this to this day!

To not discounting a psychic link,

James Nussbaumer

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