Having Faith in Yourself by Removing the Limitations of Self-Doubt

Having faith in yourself and tapping into your inner power of mind sometimes seems not so easy, but it can be. You know within that you shouldn’t let lack of faith and self-doubt get the best of you, but the ego in you will trick you when it’s able.

There are times when you just can’t avoid faithlessness and it creeps up on you.

You try to begin having faith in yourself  by trying to be optimistic, trying to avoid negative situations, and still, having faith in yourself doesn’t seem to stand by you.

The more you fight your faithlessness and self-doubt, the more it talks back to you. With self-knowledge and understanding, you can use faithlessness for your benefit.

This ego-based voice like a snarling dog that tests you whenever you try to prove it wrong will continue to hound you.

A Course in Miracles states, “The analysis of ego-motivation is very complicated, very obscuring, and never without your own ego-involvement.”

And guilt for not having faith in yourself is abusive.

In the pilot of the series I really go deep here…When the ego-based mind is in control, it breaks apart any self-confidence you have left by telling you what a loser you are.

Does it surprise you that real faith will only represent what is true?  It shouldn’t surprise you at all, and is why the opposite—no faith at all, or faithlessness—is nothing more than fear trying to make its untruths into what it wishes to be seen as true.

In the sequel we dive into…Faithlessness will always place limits and attack in some form, or will try to force itself into a situation even if it’s in thought. 

Faith, however, removes all limitations and brings in wholeness. 

Faithlessness will destroy and separate, while faith will unite and heal and gently whisper in your heart, “don’t limit yourself.” 

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Faithlessness will make up false ideas of yourself, expecting them to turn true, and then struggle against what you truly are. 

But it’s impossible not to be the same as your Source, which is God’s Will for you, and nothing removed or exaggerated.

Having faith in yourself, your real faith in this idea removes the obstacles that make you seem to be separate.

A Course in Miracles teaches us that…Truth is the absence of false ideas about yourself, and is your freedom.  It’s your false ideas about yourself and the world around you that make you struggle in life. 

But to dedicate yourself to both truth and separateness is to set up a goal forever impossible to attain, because much of it is sought after by the body, and for results only of the body.

An example of such a false idea is that I could become a record-breaking golf professional. 

The way of healing such false ideas that call upon the mind can easily be handled by a corrective thought process, for example: “I would like to spend the years ahead participating in golf at a peak level appropriate and rewarding for me, and whatever results that come about are fine for me. 

Meanwhile, as I have fun with golf, I will pursue my writing ability with a goal to offer a message that will serve others.” 

This example is an attitude that heals, thus is true participation in wholeness. 

Being involved in wholeness sets you free.

Faithlessness Leading to Illusion

Don’t overlook the fact that faithlessness leads directly to a fantasy purpose you are not meant to attain. 

You’ll never arrive, and likely respond with disappointment, frustration, guilt, and anger.  Faithlessness does have its purpose, however. 

But forgiveness of yourself for a lack of faith will indirectly help you toward the truth, by leading to answer that ever-prevalent, confusing question: Why am I here?

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To not limiting yourself,

James Nussbaumer

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