Way to Success in Life by Living Courageously and Learning to Love Yourself

Among living courageously as a way to success in life certainly first you must learn to love yourself. Yes, disciplining your mind to love yourself within is living courageously and reinforces your link with your Source of life.

Here is where you will discover a way to success in life by newer heights, while being free of the past and helping you feel more interconnected with creation.

It’s about being you extending your Self.

As Much as I love golf I know within me I will never be a Jack Nicklaus or Bobby Jones, but on the other hand, I also love to write, and write at length, as in “writing books,” especially about what I have learned on my spiritual path. 

In the pilot of my ever-developing series we go deep here…This is an area where I know in my heart I can truly excel and my way to success in life, while helping the fine individuals who take an interest in what I have to pass along. 

I am able to spend hours on end at the writing table and truly love it; to me it doesn’t seem like work. 

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It gives me immense inner peace to extend myself in this way.   

Will I ever while on the way to success in life win a Pulitzer Prize or any other type of achievement award due to my love for writing and my willingness to teach? 

That of course I don’t know for sure.  It is not my goal to be a prize-winning author, but I would never rule it out, either!

My point here—and please consider this carefully before moving on—is this: What idea or pursuit can you possibly have as a way to success in life that you extend to others, and that will have a result totally separate from you? 

And if you do see it as a separate result, is it separate from you or from your body? 

Is there even a difference in how you perceive this? 

If you give the idea away, isn’t it still your idea?  Jack Nicklaus broke many records that he holds to this day, that others enjoy and aim for as their own goal in improving their level of performance.

Now I do not compare myself to Jack Nicklaus, but just as he has done, I give you this article so you may incorporate my ideas into your own, helping you to look at life in a way that may bring you inner peace, as it has done for me. 

Of course you must use my ideas in a way that suits you. 

We can say that my ideas become your ideas as you expand on them, make them better, and extend them to others. 

This is wholeness at play—not work. Yes, play can be way to success in life.

Let’s consider the importance of your faith in the “idea.” 

In books 2 and 3 we discuss…To have faith in something is to heal, or to make whole, because it reveals its truth.  

Your own healing is a sign that you have accepted yourself as whole, as being a part of or joined with something true and good, not erroneous. 

Don’t get me wrong; errors will come along as they always do on the way to perfection.  Just ask Jack Nicklaus how often he had to make adjustments to his swing mechanics.

When you’re on a path with something true and exciting, you sense the feeling of wholeness as your Source. 

What heals becomes whole, and faith allows for healing—the idea of being free of the past—and believe it or not, you will feel the freedom from the confinement of being stuck in a body. 

It’s this freedom that directs you along a path within your Source, and this is God.

Faith is natural and cannot be forced. 

Ask Jack Nicklaus what most likely will occur when he tries to force his golf swing. 

Faith is the opposite of fear, but is as much a part of love as fear is of forcing a situation. 

Faith is your acknowledgement of union, and it is what keeps you united with your one and only Source.

A Course in Miracles beautifully states, “The light that joins you and your brother shines throughout the universe, and because it joins you and him, so it makes you and him one with your Creator.”

Join by Flowing

Consider your way to success in life just like the power of electricity as it flows through the wiring on its way to the light switch.  There is one continuous flow from its source—a gapless, unseparated flow, or extension. 

Faith is the flipping on of the light switch that lets you see yourself as you are now, always now, and it has no use for the past.

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To living courageously,

James Nussbaumer

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