Get Rid of Fear and Anxiety and say I Want THIS for Life!

What actually keeps you from living your dreams? What problem is most dominant in individuals lives? The answer is: To GET RID OF FEAR and ANXIETY!

Yes, people live every day in worry and fear.

But by being more aligned to your true free will is the miracle that clearly helps you get the life you want.

Fear of losing their wealth, fear of losing family and loved ones, fear and worry of making the wrong decisions, fear of being themselves, worry of maturing, worry of making choices and decisions.

The list continues, and is why there is need to begin conquering anxiety.

The leading cause of people not fulfilling their dreams is NOT the fear of failure – it’s the fear of success!

The fear of living life to the fullest might be holding you back, and is why you must begin to get rid of fear and anxiety.

(Here’s more on finding joy in your life is totally within yourself and you have the power to let it shine through.) 

Most people live their lives in the grip of this fear and they aren’t even aware that it has control over them!

Overcoming Phobias of the Ego

The worry and fear is the one thing that can turn your monetary flexibility, caring relationships, and a satisfying and substantial life into a pattern of habits consisting of procrastination, self-sabotage, and other ego-based wrong-minded practices.

The Course in Miracles states, “The ego makes no attempt to understand this, and it is clearly not understandable, but the ego does make every attempt to demonstrate it, and this it does constantly.”

The ego has a foundation built on fear.

Fear and worry is the control problem in your life today. The two concerns you have to get rid of fear and anxiety are:

  • Which fear has the most control over your behavior?
  • Is it the fear of failure, the worry of rejection, fear of relationships, the fear of success, or is it all of them?

Finding ways to overcome anxiety and fear is of the habits of highly effective individuals, and quite so often is how successful people grow; and I strongly suggest you look here for their secrets.

Get the Life You Want

Whatever it is that’s holding you back from the life you want, fear itself does NOT want you to face it! Fear knows that if you face it head on it will begin to fade away.

The Course in Miracles further states, “You must recognize that the last thing the ego wishes you to realize is that you are afraid of it.”

  • How do I interrupt ego-based wrong-minded habits that I have developed as a means of security from this fear?
  • How do I get rid of fear and anxiety going on within me?

These are the two most significant concerns when it comes to ways to overcome anxiety and fear. Your life will permanently change if you can address these two concerns!

The reality of worry and fear is that it is human, and human is ego, and is a part of human life while in this world.

It’s not going to disappear, but it can fade nearly away, or be silenced.

(See in a related article firsthand why overcoming living in constant fear and anxiety will help you in spiritual awakening.)  

Conquering Anxiety Right-Mindedly

Some fear is even healthy, which we may call, right-minded!

By understanding this type of fear is a gift given to you to keep you safe, helps conquer anxiety and bring you closer to your objectives and goals for attaining your true free will.

You may then more easily be committed to, I want this for life.

These are: fear of falling, fear of violent noises, and worry and fear of abandonment.

Consider this; it is fear that pumps endorphins and adrenaline through your heart making you leave from a scenario that is truly, truly seriously risky.

And many have discovered how to take advantage of this adrenaline flow through by practicing things like yoga for healing, yoga spirit, and helping greatly with men’s and women’s life confidence.

Many times it is our desire to get rid of fear and anxiety that is holding us back from our dreams, when we look to God and ask for help and inner freedom.

Take a look at your own life and think of the times you either prayed or meditated over, I want this for life, asking your Creator for power and wisdom.

Those were probably times of extreme fear.

I Want This for Life

This is why I always urge my readers to learn how to do mindfulness meditation, to get you to that alpha state that gets to work on what you want in life; and a review on that here… 

Why do people let fear control their actions, beliefs and lives? The response is the difference in between responding to fear and acting in worry.

Children normally respond intuitively to fear, which is suitable at this age.

The majority of grownups do not make the distinction in how to get rid of fear and anxiety, as when they were a child, and acting with their intellect when handling fear.

Individuals react intuitively to fear by either rejecting it or fleeing from it.

They miss the power that comes from showing their intelligence, never allowing the worry to end up being the gift it was planned to be.

Learn how to show your intelligence with overcoming phobias by exposing your true fears and the thoughts and perceptions they represent.

By doing so you will totally free yourself so you can move on according to your true free will and, yes, a life of purpose, by right-mindedly saying, I want this for life.

(Please note, I also suggest this related article on a great way for dealing with fear of failure while healing panic and anxiety.)  

To conquering anxiety and fear,

James Nussbaumer

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