Living in Constant Fear and Constant Anxiety Overcome by truly Understanding Spiritual Awakening

Worrying about everything and living in constant fear had taken over my life for quite a few years. I mean literally worried over losing my life. But aside from me, many worry about all kinds of things?

You name it, the world likes to worry and often let fear dictate their future. I’ve found this to help.

My longtime friend Ronnie, who was there for me in previous years ago, while I was in prison for eight long years over a foolish securities violation, and when I needed someone the most, was glad to recently participate as a guest in my weekly webinar, with a topic on overcoming fears and phobias which I hosted.

For those of you that know me or are a reader of my books and articles probably know of this kind man and like-minded individual.

We discussed the fear of cancer, our children learning to excel, or getting sick, marital and relationship healing, losing a job or career, having financial worries, losing weight, yes, we covered a lot of ground where living in constant fear gets in the way.

Letting go of this nonsense is how we manifest miracles in our lives.

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So even though many of us fear and worry over things that we can clearly overcome, I mean silly crazy things are only being predicted by your inner critic to occur.

This is why many continue making life in this world troublesome, instead of experiencing the inner bliss of commitment to a true free will.

Living a life purpose

That little story about the ancient Master who pretentiously tried to drown his student, which I included in an article I’d written about enlightenment, keeps me moving toward my destiny and I am no longer living in constant fear that I’ll never find it.

It’s because if I see what’s in my heart as being real and accessible as the air I breathe, then my life purpose, my true free will, without constant anxiety, is reflected into this world. 

Individuals everywhere live in constant fear of being defeated or failing before they ever set out to accomplish their dreams, because of their attention and focus is on the unreal.

This is why I will suggest this book, Living in Fear on the Aryan Side, by Halina Zawadzka. If you’d see my own book shelves you’d realize why I am so empowered on this subject matter.

That said, A Course in Miracles states, “The miracle establishes you dream a dream, and that its content is true. This is a crucial step in dealing with illusions.”

What is Spiritual Awakening?

As our spiritual awakening occurs, living in constant fear or constant anxiety will have to be released. 

If it’s not, then the world will not awaken peacefully; but the Holy Spirit will not allow this. 

It’s impossible to reawaken at Home in Heaven while in chronic pain and anger and frustration. 

These kinds of things don’t truly exist within wholeness of mind.

Peace will inevitably awaken to peace, because that is all that exists behind the dream of separation.  The goal is to arrive at this event with as much ease as possible, in peace and joy. 

Releasing such living in constant fear is achieved by teaching and learning through the Christ-Mind, in Truth.

You may have been wondering, what really is the difference between quantum consciousness or higher consciousness—which I’d written about in yet another article, and the Christ-Mind?  There really is no difference. 

The higher conscious I speak of is simply a form of logical inference, an analogy, if you will, that brought you to the Christ in yourself. 

If I had written too soon in my blog and in my books about all the individuals seeing themselves as Christ, I may have lost the attention of some readers, and not achieved the train of thought I hope I have offered. 

Like Minds

Remember, it’s the meaning we are after, not the words. 

The point of Higher Consciousness is to give your mind a sense of helpful and sharing unity, which you are a part of and is what the Christ-Mind provides.

The sharing of mind, or like minds, if you will, I’m talking about, is an instinct in the people I’ve mentioned throughout other articles and in my books or within my blog, whether they realized it or not. 

A Course in Miracles also shows us that, “This world is full of miracles.”

The point is that I was assisted when I needed the help, so my purpose would advance to the next stage, or level, and without living in constant fear. 

The spirit of life in everyone has a way of helping us heal, even in a time when the physical presence of someone has left us.  Are these people then idols?  Hardly. 

We certainly cannot view Christ as an idol when He is who each one of us truly is.  Could we ever call eternal wholeness an idol?

(If you feel even slightly left short on what you need in your mind, try this related article about the Voice within you and “Overcoming Challenges.” And please remember, I truly do mean to help!)

To spiritual awakening,

James Nussbaumer

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