Find Your Inner Peace by Uncovering Mind and Universal Consciousness

You are not alone in humanity when seeking to find your inner peace. We all as humans are looking for answers to mind and consciousness and spiritual growth.

Is there something we are missing when it comes to the meaning of universal consciousness?

As you prepare to read further into this article, just look at the letters and words in front of you and why it is you’re seeking answers.

It is you who is staring out at this message and it’s you that is the Source of your own inner peace.

You simply haven’t discovered how to see your inner divine Self and find your inner peace, and it’s okay if you seem to need a bit of guidance.

When you have the ability to go deep within and touch base with who you actually are, you will find your inner peace.

You will understand it since nothing will disrupt you any longer and any sensations of stress and anxiety will be gone completely.

It’s not magic, but is miraculous.

Finding peace within yourself is something that is possible for you which has already taken place for lots of other individuals.

They learnt how to focus their inner awareness of mind and consciousness onto themselves over longer and longer periods of time.

It’s that “feeling realization,” as the Course in Miracles terms, of whole-mindedness and consciousness taking place that overwhelms all of our old ways of searching for reality.

It’s how you uncover or find your inner peace which is of universal consciousness, and it’s how you experience everyday miracles and get the life you want.

What is Universal Consciousness?

Simply keep to this process of watching each idea and each emotion as it streams quietly by.

It doesn’t matter what the idea is, simply see it drift out of no place and see it disappear again into absolutely nothing.

The fact is, it brings inner peace and makes you feel like a fully abundant being—and can be reflected into your outer world, as your life here on earth.

It is how successful people grow, and the most highly effective individuals ever among us were aware of this formula for finding peace within yourself.

That’s right!

 As soon as you have actually practiced this enough to make it happen the very first time, your true free will, or, we may say, your passion and purpose will rise to the surface and be part of this world.

This energy of universal consciousness, or what some call, cosmic consciousness, then becomes the source of all your joy and inner peace in life.

It becomes the important things that you look forward to each day.

Realizing the Whole Mind and Consciousness

The Course in Miracles states, “You do not recognize the enormous waste of energy you expend in denying truth.”

This is where learning how to do mindfulness meditation is great for spiritual growth.

Meditation can be so satisfying and uplifting.

If you are one of those individuals believing that there’s a fantastic full potential covered up inside you, you will teach yourself to sit still each day for a few minutes of breathing meditation exercises, or yoga spirit, or yoga for healing.

Eventually, you will learn to sit for longer and longer amount of times and you will learn how to be among a growing number of people experiencing spiritual growth.

You will learn to see meditation or yoga as a silencing of the ego-based mind, and the ego will not want to participate and will consider the practice to be boring and unproductive.

Your real inner spirit, however, will be more powerful and will advise you to simply sit there and let the ego tire itself out.

With time, week after week, month after month, you will see that your whole mind is who you truly are—at-one with God.

True Spiritual Growth

(Here’s more about that Stream of Higher Consciousness and how to listen to your inner voice.) 

This oneness of mind while we’re in this world is the Holy Spirit as the link to our Father at Home, waiting for us to awaken peacefully from the dream of separation, of time, form, and of space.

At the exact same time, nevertheless, the ego will get annoyed in disgust, because all it can think is that the body is who we are.

The ego sees this as confusing and complicated and can only fathom divinity as being more material form, somewhere, some place, and far far away outside of us.

The Course in Miracles teaches, “Complexity is not of God. How could it be, when all He knows is one? He knows of one creation, one reality, one truth and but one whole Child.”

Lastly your ego will begin to fade yet still remain while in this world because it is the body, and as humans the body is how we get around and so forth.

As the ego fades more and more you uncover the miracle of your passion and purpose while in this world.

But the ego will have no choice but to take a back seat and let the Holy Spirit—the real You, lead the journey while here on earth.

Finding Peace within Yourself

That’s essentially how mind and consciousness promoting spiritual growth works, and you can be glad for finding this blog, reading this far into it, and discovering what it takes to find your inner peace.

It wasn’t an accident that you landed on this blog article, and it will not be an accident when you set your mind to the path for finding peace within yourself.

To find your inner peace means to gently instruct the ego without judgement and self-scolding, to move aside so you may uncover the real You.

It only takes a bit of a non-judgmental objective and discipline to uncover your full potential as the ego watches on in silence.

From here, you will notice all of that ego-based self-doubt and fear you’ve been harboring for so long begin fading away.

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To spiritual growth, 

James Nussbaumer

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