Finding Peace Within through Right Minded Thoughts and Perceptions

Finding peace within may be gained by accepting your power of mind which is in the truth about you, and never giving up.

You can see more clearly, you can focus your right-minded thoughts and perceptions to create energy toward what you do truly want, and then take the appropriate action to do what must be done to get you there.

A Course in Miracles states as the nineteenth of its fifty precepts that “Miracles make minds one in God.  They depend on cooperation because the Sonship,  or we me say Child of God, is the sum of all that God created.”  

Miracle manifestation therefore reflect the laws of eternity, not of time.”

As you read this article and contemplate finding peace within, just simply think of this casually.

I mean much as you would casually keep in mind that the kids are safely buckled up in the backseat while you are driving on a long road trip. 

You witness the changes in the landscape as you get nearer your destination, all the while knowing your passengers, your loved ones, are safe.

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Have you ever been in a situation in which you felt everything was 100 percent truthful, and finding peace within was the result? 

Similarly, finding peace within cannot occur without faith. 

When we commit to truth as our only goal, we are guided to truth by faith. 

The faith I speak of here is not belief in a particular religion. 

The faith to which I refer encompasses everyone involved, which allows the situation to be perceived as meaningful only because it is whole.  Truth is whole.  Think about how many parts to truth you can dissect and talk about. 

You can’t do it, because truth is all it ever can be.  It’s one.

In book 2 of the series we look at…Truth and illusion, or false ideas, have no connection whatsoever.  This will remain forever true, regardless of the utmost efforts put forth by the ego to try to make the untrue into something even remotely true.  Nothing is ever partially true. 

And in the pilot of the series...All illusions, however, are connected to each other.  They are seen as separate wholes against each other, whereas truth stands as one, with nothing in its way. 

Truth and illusion each have their own thought system, but they are not connected or related to each other in any fashion.  Truth is your blueprint, if you will, and knows what it wants, helping you build lasting relationships, whereas illusion makes promises for the future and can never even begin finding peace within.

Your Extension to Others

To perceive these two distinct thought systems, it would make sense that we recognize truth and illusion as indeed separate from one another. 

The result of any idea is never separate from its Source. 

An idea of anything being separate from its Source is a thought produced by the body, derived from the past, and is not a real idea. 

The result is always nothing: lack of attainment of a goal that was never possible.  The Source is your truest heart always a part of the result for it to be real.

A good example here is my love and passion for the game of golf. 

I have played and practiced this sport all my adult life, starting in my teens, and I have been considered to be a fairly good golfer. 

No matter how hard I grind at perfecting my average golf score, however, and no matter how diligently I work at each and every aspect of this difficult sport, I know within myself that I am limited. 

This is not wrong-minded thinking. 

I am positive in the knowledge within me that I will never be able to compete with the top guns on the PGA Tour.  I will never be breaking the records held by all-time great golfer Jack Nicklaus. 

For me to set out on a path to do so would not be God’s Will; it would be illusory wrong-mindedness.

But for me, to enjoy the game at my highest level of performance is the right-mindedness that brings joy to my world.

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