Finding Happiness within Yourself by Letting Go of Mistakes

My good friend, a fellow author of self-improvement books, once said that, “Finding happiness within yourself means learning how, “To know yourself from within and accepting who you are.” Yes, he is correct, and I will add that as humans we need to also learn how let go of our mistakes.

But behind the imperfections must rest a great source of bravery to be able to always finding happiness within yourself.

I also mean discovering ways on how to improve your life by letting go of those mistakes.

To let go of your mistakes or errors in thought and looking beyond them, is the real definition of forgiveness according to the Course in Miracles, and real forgiveness removes the barriers blocking real love.

Course in Miracles states that, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

You will advance on past many others if you know how to be authentic and find happiness in that.

For as long as you are finding happiness within yourself you will be able to reflect that inner bliss into your material world which will lead you through a successful life.

Hey, isn’t success truly about inner happiness?

What is the Key to Happiness?

I’ll refer you to another friend, a classic rock musician who strongly quoted, “It’s alright you can afford to lose a day or two…, when will you realize, Vienna waits for you.”

Most of us know that inner bliss is where our real Home waits for us and is the best healing for a wounded heart or whatever is hurting.

When you are finding happiness within yourself you are experiencing wonderful things in your exterior world.

How does one find this key to happiness?

First it is accepting you for who you truly are.

Imagine life in this world as the top ten authors and books on the best seller list. Every step you take by moving forward in life you rank to the next position on the best seller list. You advance rather than day dreaming and wondering if your life will ever get any better.

When you find in your heart something that is passionate you are finding happiness within yourself.

This thought process from your inner spirit of bliss, instead of the ego—that is always filled with doubt and fear, anxiety and stress, and the like, a tiny step forward will eventually step you toward and guide you to something better, and so on.

If you keep fearing, doubting and questioning your way in life, you will never be on path guided by the authentic you, which is Spirit.

The Secret to Happiness is NOT a Secret

(Here’s more about how to begin finding inner peace and happiness with balance and harmony in life.)  

I believe that life is about finding happiness within yourself, and accepting that idea as the secret to happiness, where you are never concerned about your actions being of wrong-minded or right-minded values, or winning versus loss and failure.

How to be the authentic you by finding happiness within yourself regardless of what others prescribe is your secret to success.

I will add that every time you step toward ways to improve your life and finding happiness within, whether it is doing the dishes, cleaning out the garage, or helping a senior citizen, or feeding your gold fish, having a bad round of golf and then correcting your swing for the next time out on the course against your rival, life hands you the key to happiness.

Authentic happiness within also pertains to not settling for less.

When you are happy with the career you have, the way you walk and talk, and hang out with your family and friends, the town you live in, the car or truck you drive, the dog you have, your car, and everything about you including your golf game, you know that you are finding happiness within yourself.


Also remember, and I’m sure you realize that authentic inner happiness is not about those material things, nor being voted business person of the year, with a huge income.

It’s like my author friend Wayne Dyer had said in one of his best-selling books, “You come into this world with nothing and you leave this world with nothing.”

Often the most chased after ribbons to win in life is not always given to the strongest, or best looking, or fastest racer.

Happiness for a writer may mean pouring his/her heart into that material so it may help others.

Once you begin thinking in a right-minded way through your spirit you will be finding happiness within yourself.

(Here’s a suggested related article on how with right-minded personal growth goals you will be guided to the right ways to improve your life.) 

To the key to happiness, 

James Nussbaumer

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