Path to Happiness is Accepting your Authentic Inner Power

In the world we have always been in search of happiness, and today more so than ever before, we are realizing that authentic inner power is the path to happiness. Leaders of spirituality and inner peace going way back have phrased that happiness comes from within. It seems that as time progresses and as we […]

Source of Happiness is Uncovering your Authentic Happiness

A source of happiness in life can be realized in humanity’s own creations. People are producing things for their joy, convenience, inner happiness, peace of mind and survival. In search for happiness may be the common thread in all human creations. People have actually created some things specifically for joy–sports and games, food and drinks, […]

Finding Happiness within Yourself by Letting Go of Mistakes

My good friend, a fellow author of self-improvement books, once said that, “Finding happiness within yourself means learning how, “To know yourself from within and accepting who you are.” Yes, he is correct, and I will add that as humans we need to also learn how let go of our mistakes. But behind the imperfections […]