Source of Happiness is Uncovering your Authentic Happiness

A source of happiness in life can be realized in humanity’s own creations. People are producing things for their joy, convenience, inner happiness, peace of mind and survival. In search for happiness may be the common thread in all human creations.

People have actually created some things specifically for joy–sports and games, food and drinks, TV and motorcars, aircraft, and ships.

And, of course, there is money and all the services and things one might purchase with it.

A single genre of literature, a single instrument of music, a single school of dancing, suffices to fill us with joy as a source of happiness in life.

We understand of individuals who have actually made a single aspect of the world their passion and devoted their whole life to it and obtained success and inner happiness out of it.

It might be hiking and nature watching, white water rafting, golf, tennis, football, poetry, or movies.

In truth life is too short to not take pleasure in all available to us through its source of happiness.

The problem is not that there is insufficient peace and inner happiness in the world. However it is the opposite.

There is an abundance of it when we simply uncover the source of happiness.

Remember, the Course in Miracles teaches us “not to be afraid to go within.”

Be Aligned to Authentic Happiness

(Here’s more about why being authentic is a genuine habit of successful people for finding happiness.) 

Take the fine arts, whether it is poetry or prose, non-fiction or fiction, painting, music, or dance, has the power to immerse us and make us definitely happy by being open to the source of happiness.

In reality, one might reside in the world of fine arts and be ever happy.

I am perfectly pleased sitting on a boat dock at a calm lake under the serene sky with a fishing rod in hand, or under a cozy quilt on a rainy day deep into a good book with classical music in the background.

Take for example, literature.

It offers such mindful enjoyment that is superior to the worldly enjoyment. It does not need external beneficial conditions, other than a book.

There are many books on the planet that I think everybody should check out as a source of happiness.

It is not essential that a person only seeks out the best sellers.

One can take an occasional not-so-popular book with the most popular books.

Your Key to Happiness

As a starter, I would advise that you go to your community library, and get a good book according to your taste.

It need not necessarily be deep literature like Homer, or Plato. Get a romance or a suspense novel or perhaps something of comedy.

Perhaps later in the evening comfortably get positioned on the sofa and sink into some quality reading.

May be next week read another book. Once the routine is formed attempt to check out major literature.

Make being open to the source of happiness a life-long practice.

I find sports a great source of happiness.

You may find authentic happiness playing a video game. Others realize a source of happiness at the gym exercising the body.

Others like to get involved in mindfulness meditation and get to that inner state of bliss and freedom as a source of happiness.

The Course in Miracles states, “Those who choose freedom will experience only its results.”

The key to happiness is in letting your interests be as wide ranged as possible. It’s about letting yourself become aligned to the important things and persons that interest you.

It means seeing life as unlimited instead of difficult to find. In search of happiness need not be a troubled task!

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To uncovering inner happiness, 

James Nussbaumer

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