Path to Happiness is Accepting your Authentic Inner Power

In the world we have always been in search of happiness, and today more so than ever before, we are realizing that authentic inner power is the path to happiness. Leaders of spirituality and inner peace going way back have phrased that happiness comes from within.

It seems that as time progresses and as we humans grow from within, we’re finding true meaning of life at our inner core, and learning to reflect that abundance outwardly.

This state of reflection principle is what the most highly effective individuals who have ever been among us have learned to live by.

As we open our minds more and more as time goes by, we’re seeing that this is how successful people grow.

Take, as an example, the pessimist and optimist.

When unwanted or bad things occur, the wrong-minded pessimist believes it will not last long, but will undoubtedly undermine his life.

He feels he’s up against too strong of a wall and will not be able to prevail and fear and self-doubt become his life.

Yet the right-minded optimist being more reasonable, he knows he will overcome life adversities presented him with the use of time.

The optimist concerns it as a momentary obstacle and tackles removing the obstacle.

He runs the risk of more, however these efforts offer implying to his life and he reconciles it.

To “win while someone else must lose” is what culture has been teaching for centuries, and for that reason we live among fear and self-doubt instead of within our own holiness.

The Course in Miracles states, “You may still think that holiness is impossible to understand, because you cannot see how it can be extended to include everyone.”

There is enough on the subject of the path to happiness or the key to happiness, which would fill a library, but what kind of success would give you a sense of control over your life.

In Search of Happiness Efforts

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To generate success and great earnings, it must come through the idea that everyone wins.

It must be efforts on behalf of a cause higher than oneself.

By truly helping others with sincerity, helpfulness, and issues for the well-being of others, we might need to take some time from our hectic schedule to ‘coach’ a struggling beginner.

This mindset uses a much easier path to happiness and being successful.

Personally, in search of happiness I have not set objectives so high that it would plunge me into depression if not achieved.

Offered the years (like me) you have labored the business world, you need to prevent the “joy-busters” from derailing your efforts.

Just then can you start measuring up to authentic happiness.

You will find more miracle-mindedness and creativity, better relationships, much healthier and energetic thoughts, leading to newer ideas and a more satisfying success level when you live within your naturalness.

The Course in Miracles teaches, “To you the miracle cannot seem natural, because what you have done to hurt your mind has made it so unnatural that it does not remember what is natural to it.

Is there a difference between the life you have–and the life you want?

Do you reflect outcomes, or do you assume excuses?

You can change this today; be that singer or actor/actress who is tone-deaf, but sings and charms people anyway for the authentic happiness it provides.

Author Marianne Williamson wrote, “Change your mind about the world and happiness is yours.”

Perhaps at this point in your life you believe that things are not in line or formatted the way you’d like.

If you can be happy in that truth, then you will find the path to happiness and improve your life much faster and reach your objectives easier.

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To your inner power, 

James Nussbaumer

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