Measurable Goals and Objectives for a Better Life and a Healthy You

Having measurable goals and objectives are so very essential to living a life of purpose and passion. Far too often in life when we are ambitious to reach a dream, perhaps it’s setting goals at work, or other personal goals, we reach far too high too quickly.

I’m going to share a quick scenario I heard told at a recent transformation conference that one of the other speakers talked about in his discussion about objectives of planning.

Before a commercial plane takes off, the pilot has a really clear location in mind, and a flight plan to get there successfully.

The plane leaves at a particular time, and begins towards a specific destination.

The plane is off track, though, at least much of the time, while climate conditions, turbulence and other factors trigger this.

Nevertheless, feedback is given to the pilot constantly.

The inertial guidance system of the aircraft continuously assists the pilot to revise the airplane and examines the position to reach the anticipated destination on time.

The plane takes off on time, shows up on time, and yet is off course 90% of the time, but the passengers never realize this.

Now envision you are the airplane, and do you have measurable goals and objectives?

Exactly what is your destination, and do you have a flight strategy?

One of the common qualities of highly effective people all over the globe is that they are extreme at having measurable goals and objectives.

Effective individuals understand where it is that they wish to be in life, and they have a clear strategy to get there.

Their “destination” is the list of personal goals that they have actually jotted down, and their “flight strategy” is the measurable goals and objectives.

It’s how successful people grow!

I do a lot of discussion with my readers and listeners about the objectives of planning, and often get feedback concerning the successes and obstacles in setting and attaining goals.

The concern that I am most often asked in this area is “How do I set measurable goals and objectives if I have no idea exactly what I want to do?”

In response to this concern, here are a few personal goals where you may want to chart some objectives of planning.

·       Setting Goals at Work or Career

The late Wayne Dyer was high recognized in his many books and lectures for telling us that, “What we think about we get more of.”

Preferably, you are positioned on a positive career course, leading to increased chances and raises.

Hopefully, you also eagerly anticipate going to work virtually every day, and your incomes are commensurate with the effort you take into your job.

You invest a great deal of hours into your work, so it’s essential that you are doing something you are happy with.

The Course in Miracles states, “You cannot be happy unless you do what you will truly, and you cannot change this because it is immutable.

·       Self-Growth and Personal Transformation

The world is growing more intelligent and changing faster than ever, so in order to prosper, we should transform along with it.

The method for personal transformation is by self-growth individually. Initially, read every day in your decided passion.

Next, pay attention to audio tapes, CD’s, watch videos, and get a hold of all the self-growth material you can.

Take classes or attend lectures and workshops, perhaps join a master mind group.

Finally, establish a support structure to hold you responsible for the measurable goals and objectives that you are dedicated to in your life.

Working with a personal coach is a great method to do this.

·       Financial Freedom

In its most basic kind, financial liberty means having freedom from financial tension of any kind in your life.

Practical methods to get to this point, if you aren’t there currently, consist of saving a percentage of your earnings, having a reserve of six months living expenditures in the bank, and so-forth.  

It’s a huge challenge for some, but a worthwhile personal goal.

(Here’s a session on how to attract wealth and financial success involving  spiritual metaphysical principles) 

·       Have right-minded Relationships

How are your relationships with your family (kids, partner, moms and dads, siblings)? Do you have a close circle of personal friends?

Don’t forget relationships within your professional network (lawyer, accounting professional and yes, it’s good to know a handy man for around the house.)

·       Health/Physical Fitness

Health is exceptionally crucial, and yet we seem not to put much emphasis there, but we need to do so. Exercise at least 3 times per week, even if that suggests bicycling or walking for 15 or 20 minutes.

Get plenty of sleep each night.Be kind to yourself, don’t self-criticize or crucify yourself for errors, as humans we must learn from our mistakes and move forward in life.

The Course in Miracles asks us in one of its many spiritual metaphysical principles, “Would you join in the resurrection or the crucifixion.”

·       Spiritual or Mindfulness Inner Peace

There is no substitute for peace of mind, and the way to obtain this is through a relationship with God, or the spiritual equivalent for you.

Be involved in ongoing spiritual growth. Contribute both time and kindness of heart to charitable associations and/or your formal place of worship.

·       Setting Goals at Work and for Fun

It’s great that you have measurable goals and objectives for your career and/or job, but be sure to do the same for having fun and relaxation.

This is about requiring time on your own, enjoying whatever it is that you prefer to do. Regularly take vacations, weekends and evenings off.

Take a vacation or two, or three, or more, every year, to refresh/energize/nourish yourself. Yes, I mean be 100% committed to relaxation.

While this time may appear unproductive to some, it will cause higher performance in the long run. And it will be more enjoyable, too!

(Please note I also suggest this related article on steps to achieve goals and accomplishing your dreams regardless of the naysayers.) 

To a better life, 

James Nussbaumer

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