Tough Times in Life Easily Overcome – Darkness Disappearing by Being of the Light

Many of us have been through tough times in life, and can seem that life gets dark and sad where a term sometimes used, “Walking the dark night of the soul,” isn’t really far from the reality. It’s during these tough times in life a sense of isolation might be experienced.

It might feel like there’s no-one around to provide comfort or support and we think to ourselves no-one understands’ and we feel in the dumps, a bit depressed.

We begin thinking things like, “I’ve tried whatever,” or “Life seems to be against me,” and struggle to discover how to find even a spark of light within.

This would be a pretty good time to seek for some spiritual help.

The Course in Miracles teaches us about the Holy Spirit—our inner divine Self, often covered and obscured by the ego mind.

When the Holy Spirit—you inner Guide while in this world, answers in whatever shape it presents itself, helping you tough times in life, a possibility then exists for either throwing down the gauntlet or not.

Absolutely nothing changes if nothing is willing and ready to transform.

An example of receiving spiritual help and getting through tough times could be in checking out a phrase on a CD, or video, or a sentence in a book that speaks deep volumes to you.  

It might be words you hear in passing conversation perhaps in a coffee shop, or possibly spiritual aid presents itself during your dream state, there are many methods this can happen.

For example, if I’m experiencing tough times in life, or perhaps being too self-critical on issues and where I simply need to recharge, I may get the urge to go to the library.

While there, I might ask the Holy Spirit within me, to let me see a spark of light.

To see any light, of course, I’ll have to allow for my own darkened thought of the ego, which is based on fear and self-doubt, to begin fading away.

I mean like cloud cover or thick fog that needs to lift.

The Course in Miracles states, “Correction is for all who cannot see. To open the eyes of the blind is the Holy Spirit’s mission, for He knows that they have lost their vision, but merely sleep.”

I ask my inner Guide to open my eyes to a section in the library where a book consisting of the responses I require may pop out at me.

The fantastic thing is it works for me every time!

Yes, no matter how tiny the book or whether it’s been misplaced from its category, it seems to find me.

Also when experiencing tough times consider walking in parks and touching trees, appreciating flowers and breathing in the wonderful energy while this helps “undo” that dense fog of the ego-based mind.

Nature’s spirit touches us in these locations and excellent for recharging as well as, for asking for a little spiritual assistance.


From experience of tough times in life, I know many who flinch at requesting something (anything actually) and I once did, too.

But if you really require some assistance for getting through tough times, and you’ve attempted other ways which haven’t helped, calling on the Holy Spirit, or whatever you call ‘Him/Her’ won’t mind.

Be cautious what you wish for due to the fact that you will get it and it may not be in the fashion or style you wanted.

(Here’s more about how to begin making changes in your life and to get what you want in this world.) 

Below are excellent methods to help the fog lift, be less self-critical, and see more light.

·       Seek out mindfulness meditation and practice daily for biggest mind, body, spirit outcomes.

·       Ask for the darkness to reach the light by saying statements like, “What is there I can do so I may begin to feel better?”

·       Listen for answers to your questions through meditative practice–it works, perhaps learn Yoga for healing.

·       Get in touch with your inner Light—which is the Holy Spirit, through walks in a park, along a beach, or other calming locations.

For staying aligned with my inner Light—the Holy Spirit, I will be sure it all begins when I’m going to sleep at the end of my day.

I mean when I’m entering a calm state of mind and talk with my inner Guide and ask that my problem be sorted out throughout perhaps dreaming throughout the night.

If you like this idea, be sure to take note and being mindful of how you are the following early morning, keep a journal entry, and open yourself to opportunities.

The Course in Miracles teaches that, “Remembering you always, He cannot let you forget your worth.”

Being of the Light for Undoing Hard Times in Life

It’s always a welcomed feeling when you ask your inner Guidance system to assist you to material for answers; a video, a CD, or a book, or whatever, the next time you choose to visit the Internet or a shopping mall.

If these kinds of material are not in your budget, join a library, they’re relaxing to visit and just the place to sit while darkened thought fades away.

As the darkness begins fading away, and you are seeing that suddenly you are feeling better, picture you being ‘at-one’ with, I mean ‘whole,’ and ‘of” the Light.

Remember, whatever you consider and think about throughout your day is exactly what you’ll get more of.

It costs absolutely nothing to request that the fog of the ego-based mind begin fading away, and the Holy Spirit will assist you in this undoing of wrong-minded ego thinking.

All it takes is an open mind, going within yourself, listening, and being conscious of the endless, subtle possibilities around you.

(Here’s a related article on how to build your confidence with positive self-talk.) 

To ending hard times, 

James Nussbaumer

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