Steps to Achieve Goals – Accomplishing your Dreams Regardless of the Naysayers

It might not be a surprise to hear that negative thinking is one of the reasons why you may not be taking action steps to achieve goals and to achieve your dreams. Your life is constructed on your self-image, and that image will depend upon exactly what you tell yourself.

When you select (and you do select) to engage in negative thinking you are choosing to think in your inability, which is the ego, instead of your possibility.

But it’s not simply you!

Keep in mind that the Course in Miracles states, “Yet in this world your perfection is unwitnessed.”

There will be plenty of people in your life who are all prepared, eager and willing to spread out the doom and gloom over why things simply will not work for you.

Or why you are simply not capable of achieving exactly what you hope to by taking action steps to achieve goals.

Having stated that it is important to recognize that at times your nearby and dearest will be the very first to forecast dark clouds on your dreams, since they wish to protect you from stopping potential success.

In some cases they may be afraid of you establishing, growing and leaving them behind.

There will always be a deep underlying fear in the wrong-minded ego-based negative ideas of another.

The most crucial thing you can do in an effort to avoid not taking action steps to achieve goals is to learn to secure yourself from the naysayers.

Other individuals’ viewpoint of you is none of your business!

I mean that, you can’t worry about what others are thinking about you.

Instead of taking on board what others are thinking, you need to remain right-mindedly focused on learning the steps to achieve goals and the inner strength to achieve your dreams.

If you allow them to, negative messages from other individuals can only impact you by holding you back in life.

Learn how to brush them off in a right-minded fashion.

Take the time needed to end up being stronger about the steps to achieve goals, and about who you are, and exactly what you represent.

The Course in Miracles teaches that, “Time can release as well as imprison, depending on whose interpretation of it you use.”

Before dealing with others, though it is necessary you tackle yourself, if you wish to prevent under-achievement.

Exactly what do you think of yourself right now and how is that affecting the accomplishments of your objectives?

Awareness, acknowledgment and acceptance are the key towards altering the negative discussions that rattle around in your mind, and on to setting and achieving goals.

Acknowledge that you have complete control over yourself and your ideas.

Many individuals think you should be listening to their advice. They make statements such as, “Well, I can’t help it if you fail.”

Or something like that, you know what I mean.

The genuine fact is you can help it.

In fact if avoiding under achievement is your goal then you should be working towards not only stopping it, but as well taking action steps to achieve goals.

As soon as you remain in a position where individuals can state whatever they like without you allowing it to impact what you think about yourself, then you will be on your way to accomplishing goals and achieving your dreams.

The question here is “Are you going to permit what individuals say to be the factor you under attain?”

(Here’s how you can let go of struggles in life and begin living the life you want and truly deserve.) 

Is the opinion of others more important than the viewpoint you hold of yourself?

Are you ready to deal with the negative wrong-minded ego-based attitude that goes on in your brain?

Here’s a quick-fix tip!

If you hear yourself thinking unfavorable talk just shout–either aloud or in your head, “Undo,” and then turn it round to something more right-minded that is verifying, like, “I’m shifting forward.”

Thinking larger, wanting more, working towards accomplishment can make you a target for unfavorable messages from your colleagues, family, other acquaintances as well as total complete strangers, because the majority of people like the status quo.

The status quo keeps them content at the pop-cycle stand!

However when you have a strong conviction within yourself, when you work to making sure all your thoughts empower you instead of dis-empower you, then you will be going some way towards changing how you feel and think.

Continually setting and achieving goals silences the ego not only in others, but in you, too.

Exactly what you think about yourself will determine whether you are a success or whether you give up and quit on accomplishing your dreams.

The Course in Miracles asks us through many of its spiritual metaphysical principles and lessons, “What else is there except for your true free will, which is Gods Will that it be done.”

Start the journey of taking action steps to achieve goals and believing fantastic things about who you are and exactly what you can accomplish.

Remember, it is no surprise to hear that negative wrong-minded ego-based thinking is one of the factors for under achievement in the world, not only today, but always has been.

Having said that, it is crucial to acknowledge that you must stick like glue to your action taking steps to achieve goals, regardless of what the naysayers prescribe.

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To accomplishing your dreams, 

James Nussbaumer

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