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Getting through hard times is why we must accept that it is something we all go through at some time or another. Some with positive outlook and others with a negative look on life. Everyone has been through the mill before of getting through hard times.

Many of us have been in the dumps before, trying to even begin getting through hard times mentally, mindfully and however you want to explain it, but you get through it.

Here’s a previous PODCAST below that is also posted at YouTube, on overcoming ego-based perceptions and on to a better life for yourself. 



But when working at getting through hard times, often too much darkened thought begins to define who we truly are, it brings on more darkness and serious problems usually accompany.

The Course in Miracles teaches us to see how our real inner power, the Oneness of the Mind of God—the Light you truly are, is there to fulfill the life you truly want to live while in this world.

Your own ego-based perceptions are choices you make of what you wish yourself to be, the world you wish to live in, and the state in which you think your mind will be content and satisfied. 

This is why the ego likes to judge a book by its cover. 

This judging of others dictates how you feel safe. 

It reveals yourself to you as you would choose to be, which makes the ego lose control and leading to getting through tough times. 

When you can begin letting go of the ego and aligning to the real truth that you are, miracles in your life will be normal occurrences.

In other words, as you let the light of your true heart, not a fake and illusory heart, be who you are meant to be, the ego in you fades away, and so does the ego fade away in others when you look them in the face.

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