Making Choices and Life Decisions even while in the Void

Making choices is sometimes life decisions while in the void of life in this world.  Perhaps we don’t achieve our original goal, but what ends up happening surprises us and we find ourselves just crushing it!

Even while dealing with grief.

Just as you are aware in the back of your mind of the speed limit while driving along the interstate highway, also be aware that you have two thought systems help making choices to choose from: the real or the unreal. 

The choice of how you see the world is always within your awareness, and it can help you to see through pain and loss. 

In book 1 of the series I dive into deeper water about…The experiences of making choices and dealing with grief and pain and loss are usually perceived as something about you that has failed. 

The proper thought system enables you to look at this condition as the vehicle that will transcend you into your next highest center. 

Consider viewing the person experiencing negative feelings and a poor attitude as troubled. 

The individual wonders where he has gone wrong.  While ruled by the ego, we work hard at protecting ourselves from discomfort and dealing with grief when making choices; the experience of pain means that we failed.

Spiritual teachers from many eras, faiths, and perspectives and who also made life decisions have viewed pain not as a bad thing to be avoided, but more as an inevitable necessity for growth to full spiritual maturity. 

This spiritual interpretation of pain can have many names.

Some have called it “the void.” 

St. John of the Cross, in the fifteenth century, called it “the dark night of the soul.” 

However you choose to refer to it, one experiences it as the period of time that arrives between “what was” and the present’s question of “what’s next.” 

Within its darkness it has no boundaries and no landmarks. 

When you’re inside it, you feel there will be no end.

I’ve learned from A Course in Miracles that…Fortunately there are many survivors of dealing with grief who have made life decisions and journeyed through the “void” and emerged from the void more vital, more integrated, more connected to real-life possibilities—not despite, but because of the experience, and because once in it they accepted and welcomed the experience. 

In book 2 I let it all hang out about…The void is, after all, perhaps the most effective place for the reordering of one’s true thought system to take place. 

For this is the place where one is least invested in the structures that once circumscribed meaning in one’s life. 

For instance, I convinced myself while I was dealing with grief all the while enduring incarceration for 8 long years is the “dark night of my soul,” so to speak. 

Imprisonment in any fashion surely is a “dark void,” and it is that place I would write to you from, and never knowing when it will end. And is where I learned to maximize my potential.

I’d tell myself in life decisions I made that when it ends for me, I may not have these same thoughts within me to share that I offer to you now. 

After my incarceration my future books, talks, and magazine articles will be of the same light, but perhaps portrayed with different thoughts.   

The indirect method the Holy Spirit uses brings out the truth that was always there within us, in a world made of denial and without direction. 

When we deny the truth, it is simply a decision not to know. 

A Course in Miracles helps us see that…This is why the logic of the world leads to nothing: because its goal is nothing. 

To have and to give, and still be nothing but a dream, directs you into oblivion. 

If you strive to have and to be everything, while denying truth, then your chosen thought system is closed off and wholly separate from truth. 

For this reason God placed His Holy Spirit in you, where you placed the dream.

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To making choices,

James Nussbaumer

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