Having Doubts in a Relationship. Dealing with Guilt from the Garden of Eden?

Having doubts in a relationship and overcoming doubt in yourself is trying to tell you you’re not in spirit with yourself. Being in tune with yourself, some may call it.  You’re just not seeing that everyone you see around you is blessed due to the certainty of our oneness with all that is real. 

But if the world is illusory and always having doubts in a relationship, how do we ever know this to be true?  We are able to learn it, and see it clearly, through real logic rather than doubting yourself and carrying that forward till having doubts in a relationship. 

The Holy Spirit—your real inner divine true Self, uses logic, just as the ego—that doubting and fearful aspect that likes to judge, does.  But the Holy Spirit’s methods we can understand, and are not insane, and lead us to rid having to ever begin dealing with guilt. 

A Course in Miracles clearly teaches us…The Holy Spirit and the ego mind take opposite directions when it comes to doubting yourself and having doubts in a relationship.  The ego mind points to untruths, darkness, and death, and breathes doubt as its oxygen. 

Death is what keeps the ego mind motivated and is why it strives for everything quickly and anxiously, before it’s too late. 

The ego mind sees itself in the space between birth and death.  That’s why its logic is to “work hard now so you can enjoy life later.”

The world has accepted the ego’s logic since time began and is why we are always dealing with guilt; this is why we continue to fight one war after another. 

In fact, this logic is what began the clock ticking back at the symbolic outcast from the Garden of Eden.  

Even to this day within oneself, the battles seem never-ending over time especially when it means overcoming doubt. 

In book 2 we deeply explore…You would think that by now with always doubting yourself and having doubts in a relationship you would see the ego’s logic as not suited for what we truly desire. 

Let’s begin now to turn away from dealing with guilt, letting go of doubting yourself that only leads us to dust, and instead to follow the simple logic by which the Holy Spirit teaches. 

A Course in Miracles further helps us see…The Holy Spirit’s lessons through our right-minded thoughts are the simple conclusions that speak for truth, which is all that is real. 

In case you are not aware that you are blessed, please realize that this is of the truth He teaches.  The knowledge itself cannot be taught; but because you already have it, it can be realized by uncovering it only to be blocked by the ego in you. 

You too can learn to bless, but you can’t give what you feel you do not have. 

When you offer a blessing you must first offer it to yourself.  What is a blessing, you might ask?  It’s certainly not a magic trick, performed by putting on some special garments and waving your hand over another’s head, or by sprinkling some water into a crowd from a pulpit. 

No, it is accepting within your true self and to begin overcoming doubt and being nothing but the truth, and allowing others to witness this about you.

When others sense the truth in you, they see it in themselves.  It may be brief, and they might deny it, but they will know what it is they are denying.

In this, they have been blessed through you.

If you continue to doubting yourself and can’t accept your blessedness first in yourself, then how can you give it away by extending it? 

If the truth you accept for yourself is your own complete forgiveness of your errors, then you will begin overcoming doubt and become free of guilt. 

Your errors are errors of learning, due to the conditioning of the ego mind. 

The Holy Spirit cannot undo your errors until after you have made them; and this completed correction may take a little time.  During this time period of overcoming doubt, the door to true Reality will swing open.

It’s how the world’s most successful people think!

But the Holy Spirit—your true self, may have to use an indirect approach that may seem frightening and painful, just to get your attention about doubting yourself.

(In a related article we discuss coping with anger and more clearly understanding love and fear)

To your doubt-free Reality,

James Nussbaumer

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