Spiritual Awakening as Energy Healing for Life of Purpose

Spiritual awakening answers the aged old question, “What is the point of life.” Sometimes there’s a lot of energy healing to it, which is enlightenment to what many people call a kundalini spiritual awakening.

Sometimes, a spiritual awakening is an inner knowing, a clarity, if you will, for life of purpose about something or some aspect of one’s energy healing.

I mean that sometimes, a spiritual awakening is a kind of energy healing bringing forth a shift to life of purpose, but through thought where we might suddenly let go of what has been troubling us to where the truth is revealed.

In book 1 we go deep into…People experience a spiritual awakening all the time, and should not be confused with magic being the same as the miracle. But let’s see energy healing as being of higher thought, and not magic.

The gifts of the Holy Spirit—the same whole Healer and Teacher in all of us, are lessons and teaches often through our friends, especially when we play. 

This is why I urge you to meditate regularly!

Isn’t this is what Jesus meant for us to understand when He spoke of “watching the children play?” It can be your elation for answering to your true calling.

The Holy Spirit’s teaching within you takes only one direction and has only one goal. 

A Course in Miracles makes it clear…His direction is inner freedom where spiritual awakening occurs, and His goal is truth. 

When we have learned that our purpose in life or true free will is God’s Will, we will feel the inner freedom and pure joy, and can relax.  If you are denying yourself this, you are denying yourself the Oneness of Heaven.

When Jesus stated, “All power and glory are yours because the Kingdom is His,” this is what He really meant, regardless of the ego’s interpretation: The Will of God is without limit, and all power and glory are within you, because within you is the Kingdom.  It’s not located somewhere “out there.” 

A Course in Miracles adds…It is boundless in its strength, and its love, and its peace. Heaven within you in yourself doesn’t ask, “What is the point of life?” It has no boundaries because it extends within your mind to within the whole Child of God. 

In book 2 of the series we reach an understanding that…It is not a physical location where you can go.  Please take the physical meaning out of any thoughts you may have of Heaven.  If you can do this, the Kingdom of Heaven will come to you. 

It is yours.  What is meant for you will find you.

Your Guide and Communicator within every essence of your being—the Holy Spirit, call it Alice or Tom, it doesn’t matter, knows and sees the truth within you, and in me, and then brings to each of us automatically an acknowledgement of oneness. 

A spiritual awakening!

You will sense it when you are accepting total truth about everything, and allowing it to be what it is in everything you do. 

That’s about the best I can explain how I discovered the gifts of the Holy Spirit and my own freedom, even while being physically behind bars in a literal prison. 

Once this happens for you as it has for me, you will bring your own acknowledgement of it to everyone you encounter. 

This will be so, because when you accepted the truth, you acknowledged everyone as wholly part of God’s Will.  We can call this a blessing, if you will. It can be about reaching your full and true potential.

This does not mean you should parade around town announcing it, or take out an ad in the newspaper.  Those you encounter will sense it, an energy healing, and sense it in you.  How they sense it for themselves is up to them in their own natural way.  This is how truth “works.” 

When you can recognize this, you will awaken truth in others automatically, and through their truth you will continue to extend.  This is your purpose in life at work.

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To spiritual awakening,

James Nussbaumer

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