Learn Reflection of Self to Rise over Adversity and the Way to Success

Reflection of self helps us to begin judging less,—and in this way of being sin no longer occupies the space in our minds that we made between ourselves and our brothers/sisters. 

A Course in Miracles states, “Love knows no bodies, and reaches to everything created like itself.”

The ego—that aspect of us that thinks we are only a body,  in all of us placed this space in an area next to truth and called it sin. 

When we shine truth into that space of sin, as reflection of self, truth makes it become vacant.  

This leaves us the room for what we truly do want in life, and this is how many of the most influential people on the planet have found their way to success!

As sin, and all other illusions, are cleared from that space.

It now becomes a connection or link of brother to brothers and reflection of self.

This place where brother to brother connect is the face of Christ, filling in the space where sin is no more. 

This alignment is important for a successful and happy life, yes, finding happiness, and is why I so strongly suggest meditation exercises.

Think about this cute story as you contemplate reflection of self, where you once thought sin existed, and then arises room for oneness and truth.

A wild and wanton wind one day invaded a peaceful nest where a family of seeds lived.  Without invitation the boastful breeze kidnapped the tiniest of the defenseless little kernels and carried it away.

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The single seed fell into a strange, alien turf and feeling lost in life. 

Here, alone and lost, it rolled across a concrete sidewalk until it was stopped by a dry crack in the barren concrete.  Next, an innocent, hapless heel of a boot stepped on that seed, wedging it deep into a crevice.  It was trapped. 

An imprisoned refugee, helpless and hopeless.  Discarded and separated from its family, it was alone—an orphan seed clamped tight in a deep, dark canyon…

Then it happened. 

Trusting in its fate and letting go of the past, deep within the heart of that seed there stirred a strange but miraculous life force.  It came to see the sidewalk and the whole world as both its means and purpose for sprouting.

When the first gentle drop of morning mist oozed into that crack in the cement, this small seed welcomed and absorbed the friendly moisture. 

A reflection of self and what can possibly be was the thought.

Little wisps of dust, moved by a gentle breeze, slipped into the crack to blanket the struggling seed, which cried out, “I shall take root and grow regardless of how I got here!”

Softly and silently it sent out microscopic hairy roots that discovered inner crevices in the unlikely environment. 

There, in miniature hidden caves, the tender tendrils found more moisture, more powdery nourishment, until the seed, swollen with determination, broke wide open and burst forth with a new life. 

And on a bright sunny morning a blade of grass, green with enthusiasm, popped out of the crack on the sidewalk. 

Now smiling at the sun, laughing at the rain, waving at the wind, it proudly declared, “Here I am, world!  I used your help and made it, regardless of all the mishappenings.”

What may seem or feel like the end, most likely indeed is the end. 

Therefore, welcome it, as it is the end of the past and a step forward into a new dawn with reflection of self. 

Terminations turn into transitions, which nourish transformations.  This is where we find our opportunities for a new inspiration feeding on exciting ambition.

The path we choose in life is far less important than the teacher we choose. 

There are only two teachers to choose from—the Holy Spirit—your true inner essence, or the ever doubting and fearful ego—and they point to two different directions. 

Whether you have realized it or not, you have always been on the path to spiritual freedom and reflection of self. 

But now you are trying to understand the lessons of your chosen teacher. 

Your power of choice to listen and learn is a reflection of self.

The path of oneness does lead you to Heaven, which is where you have always been, only you have been in a dream. 

A Course in Miracles further states, “Does not a world that seems quite real arise in dreams? Yet think what the world is?”

The dream can only lead to continued dreaming, nightmares, and fears that take you nowhere; while the proper teacher will slowly help you to awaken by reflection of self. 

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If you’re having problems understanding this, it is because all of your trust has been in the wrong teacher. 

This teacher has directed your focus to your body as who you are, and taught your thinking to be concrete where there can be no reflection of self. 

  • Final Note on Finding Happiness and Success:

Remember, how to learn about reflection of self helps you to rise above adversity and find happiness and the way to success for real.

We must understand that the concrete ends at the graveyard, with our name chiseled into a stone.

Here’s how to begin listening to your inner voice to help and guide you to success in this world:

To reflecting your True Essence,

James Nussbaumer

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