Listen to Your Inner Voice and Succeed in Life

How to listen to your inner voice is first knowing your true Teacher or Guide while in this world. Our Creator gave us His Teacher, the Holy Spirit to replace the one we made that keeps us in the dream of separation. 

The Holy Spirit does not need to raise conflict, but He does need to replace what needs replacing.  His replacement efforts will only take an instant in time, which is the same amount of time you have been dreaming. 

A Course in Miracles helps us more clearly understand how to listen to your inner voice, and states, “The Holy Spirit is invisible, but you can see the results of His Presence, and through them you will learn that He is there.”

His efforts will not have an effect on eternity, because nothing can. 

Even where we are finding relationship struggles or needing marital healing, your inner Guide is there for you. Here’s a related article on how to begin fixing a broken relationship with love advice for inner healing.

So simply ask that He do the job. As you learn how to listen to your inner voice let Him take over as your Teacher, all time that has passed is now gone. 

Going within is where you will begin to make your dreams come forth to reality, and is why I urge you to seek out meditation exercises.

Everything now is exactly as it was before you decided on a path to nothingness. 

Your path to nothingness has been a long and weary journey, and for now you can’t even remember what it was like before you started.  In the dream, you don’t know what it is like to be awake. 

The dream seems very real. 

However, you are still the same and unchanged—only now you have a new teacher Who is guiding you to spiritual awakening, rather than deeper into the dream.

There was a tiny tick of time when each of us made the first error and slipped into the dream of separate surroundings. 

Within that single error stemmed more errors within the dream, and others branched. 

While these errors were stemming and branching, they also held within them their Correction.  In that tiny tick of time before we drifted off to dreamland, which is now gone, God gave us a Protector. 

This is our Answer, and how to listen to your inner voice. 

Your journey continues to answer, and now your new Teacher is showing you Its effects. 

However, we cannot fully awaken until the world as-one awakens.  The ego, our former teacher, wants us to shift back and forth between the past and the present. 

Much of our time is spent looking at the past as if it were real.  But our real, or right-mind views the past as a dream. 

How many times have you thought, “It all seems like it was a dream”? 

Your abstract thoughts receive the Holy Spirit’s whispering into your dreaming mind.  He helps you to see yourself standing on the bridge between the past and the present. 

At this position on the bridge a shadow of the past reaches you, but a light of the present shines in your face. 

Now that this light has flooded your eyes, this is where you exist.  It is drawing you over to the present, where you need to stay.  The “now” is the only way to awaken. 

The illusory habits of mind you still carry with you hear voices in the shadow, but they do not change the laws of time and eternity. 

Quietly Listen to Your Inner Voice

They are only echoes of what is past and gone.  They could never be your true existence of the here and now.

Once you have crossed over the bridge and entered the real world, there is a second part of the dream or hallucination to confront. 

It is the belief that time and death are real, and have an existence you think you perceive. 

This terrible illusion was denied for you in the time it took God to give His Answer: the Protector, Whose job it is to help you see the illusion for what it is. 

How to listen to your inner voice is clear, because you have this help for all time to come and for every circumstance. 

In other words, as A Course in Miracles states, “the Holy Spirit accompanies you while you dream of separation.”  

You will know that you have crossed the bridge when you can see that time and death only affect the dream of separation—the fantasy of your body being who you truly are.

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To your inner Voice,

James Nussbaumer

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