You Can Change the World and Your Life Now by Real Universal Consciousness

Regardless of what the ego-based mind built on fear and doubt has taught us, you can change the world and your life.

As the ego would like us to believe, rather, we are not born in sin. But we do dream of sin and fear and guilt that limits us from achieving our goals and dreams.

I want to help clear this up for you just a little so you can accelerate a purpose in your life.

Yes, a dream come true if you will, that is reflected from reality and is yours. Try to honestly answer a difficult and personal question within yourself.

Are you able to feel that if you were indeed sinless, you’d never feel weak or afraid?

Think about it.

If you had no reason to fear God such as the possibility of going to hell, which by the way is so illusively ingrained in you, how could you ever be fearful of anything?

This is a question that may take many twists and turns in your answering. But nonetheless take some time to think this through.

As you continue through this thought provoking article keep in mind this spiritual principle from A Course in Miracles:

  • “The miracle establishes you dream a dream, and that its content is not true. This is a crucial step in dealing with illusions.”

If you are having trouble with this or even finding how to answer it, then you must have some doubt over the innocence you truly are.

In your innocence which is universal consciousness is where your real power waits for you to claim it.

It’s how you can change the world by changing how you see the world.

If you are already seeing sin as within the dream of separation, but not within you, then you are thinking in right-mindedness.

Yes, with your true light in control.

It is in the dream where you wish to be free of guilt, but are too afraid to do anything about it, like surrendering it.

You feel that if you declare yourself guiltless, you will feel guilty for doing so. You are always afraid of “what the world might say.”

Oh sure, we might say “I could care less what others think about me,” but we still do.

This is the vicious circle your ego-based mind lives in. Just like a dog chasing its tail.

Separation from your Source cannot be real, therefore neither can sin. You can’t commit a sin for simply making the errors of buying into a projected image.

I’m saying an image that you projected as your identity and what fantasy for life calls for. Is this a cop out? Yes, but only as the ego sees it.

No one sins just because they had a dream. The ego sold you a bill of goods which is the image of your body as who you truly are.

Likewise, this bad thing called “sin” goes with it.

The guilt of humankind is in that separated thought system of fear and so is sin. It’s where perceptions and thoughts of individual fragments fantasizes to be wholeness.

It’s a dream state of mind and consciousness. But the thought system of the ego is unreal.

It is what makes the projections that make the dream, and in the dream is where you side with false ideas.

Yes, living with illusion, and deep within yourself – behind as in just beyond separated thought, you know it.

Humankind has all along sensed this unreality or falsehood. As well, through fear and lack of the knowledge, because we hold back on truth, called it sin.

But we wait for something or someone outside ourselves to save us.

All of this leads us to another false idea called “salvation.” Try to see sin as something that goes on while you dream of yourself as being caught up in physical form.

Your reality came about in the creation before the dream of lack ever began in the tiny segment of mind that sleeps.

The consciousness of the universe – true reality is called Heaven.

Yes, the whole mind.

Only the innocence of this reality in you can let go of fear and why you can change the world.

That’s because this real part of your mind which is your whole mind that does not dream. Therefore see the illusive mind and consciousness for what it is.

It is an errant thought, and your inner awareness of its falsity is enough to begin awakening from it.

It is nothing to feel guilty over and certainly is not sinful.

For now as we get ready to go deeper into aligning to universal consciousness so you can change the world carefully think about something.

How can having an enemy make you feel strong or give you real power? Likewise, no one can attack you unless he thinks you are his enemy.

Even an attack type thought is belief in having an enemy as well as, believing you are weak.

But how can what is weak and separate be the Will of God

Furthermore, if you feel you are weak then you must be opposed to God’s Will.

You must think you are this tiny segment of mind that sleeps.

Thereby, this littleness about you sees God as your enemy because you fear Him.

How often when something seemingly bad happens, such as with what we call Mother Nature; the weather; hurricanes, tornado, floods, earthquakes, do we pass it on as the Will of God?

If we all fear His Will, then we must fear the “expression” of who we are. This which only obscures the light from our Source, limiting us from reflecting our real Home.

This only delays the awakening of humanity and limits you from the life you want to live.

Likewise when you can sense awakening in yourself is when you live a dream within the wholeness of reality.

In this true Reality, this real mind and consciousness, which really isn’t a dream at all, is where you can change the world.

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Next, let’s go a bit deeper and discuss aligning to real universal consciousness for purpose in your life with passion.

Alignment to Real Universal Consciousness

Sometimes it seems as though our lives are a bit difficult. Perhaps frustrating, and, even in our darkest times, fearful.

You may ask yourself, how you can change the world and your life? Maybe it is a more balanced life you’re after.

When we have actually set our objectives for purpose in your life you then live a life of unconditional love.

We must keep in mind that it will constantly take us to the next actions of our spiritual journey.

This needs to be done without fear of modification or resistance to development.

A Course in Miracles further states: “The fear was held in place because you did not see that you are the author of the dream, and not a figure in the dream.”

Others who view you slowly alter will move to understand that you embrace genuine love.

Yes, as your option in your life, and whatever lessons this gives you; you it need for your growth.

It is important for you to understand that in your life you have what you really need.

I mean to take the next steps into positioning yourself to universal consciousness. You are being guided by your instinct to go exactly where you require to go.

When you surrender the fear and establish trust you will take your next step in spiritual growth.

There is no requirement from Heaven to fear the unknown. 

Your inner spiritual awareness is powerful and takes you where you need to be in your life. It does not support you to skip over your lessons or go around them.

It’s the next call on the ladder on your spiritual course.

Due to the fact that this isn’t an easy exercise for any of us, assisting each other through these times; hold each other’s hands and embrace each other’s hearts emotionally.

This part of the process for how you can change the world and your life.

The delight is available in knowing that you are clearly offered, looked after and never alone.

This is how you will make the next shift in your consciousness. Likewise in making some shifts you’ll feel more happy and light than in others.

This specific shift into alignment has a various quality of a much deeper, inward awareness search. It is much deeper than you’ve gone ever before.

That’s the beauty in the depth of which you are browsing. It takes you into a new location, in your life.

You are not ever without assistance and you should hold firmly to your reality.

In essence, you need to comprehend that extremely few people on this earth reside in this specific manner.

They walk in the real universe and as well in this world called Earth.

What you are doing here is strolling with a foot in two different worlds.

You are gathering the strength from both dimensions.

It’s a really supportive place and is how you can change the world.

Just as well you will feel the self-empowerment in embracing both worlds.

As you find out how to do this, you’ll teach others how to do this.

It’s because as the consciousness shifts others will ask you: “How do you live in this world of sin and fear without falling apart?

Your world that sees no sin and fear is moving very quickly. A world of sin and guilt is not aligned with you, and it cannot stay.

The alignment of consciousness is the most important thing for us to focus on at this time. It is not what you do; it is how you feel when you do it.

When you link with them, it’s not whom you connect with; it’s how do you feel.

The alignment in the really core of your inward beauty needs to be shifted. It must be tuned till you can feel the balance of positioning.

This next piece is to feel aligned on all levels that you share is how you can change the world.

Whether it is how you work, how you associate with others, or how you live gives purpose in your life. This is how you help yourself and others shift into this new age spirituality. 

You will see the earth also shifting and altering.

Those of you that journey the earth that are not aligned with the awareness at this time can be quickly. By your willingness to do so you are also being launched with these modifications.

Select joy and positioning in your life to real mind and consciousness.

This is how you will make the next shift in your inner awareness. Likewise in making some shifts you’ll feel more light and cheerful than in others.

As you learn how to do this you’ll teach others how to do this as well. That’s because as the consciousness shifts is how you can change the world and your life for the better.

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To uncovering real happiness in life,

James Nussbaumer

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